Drink & Dine

LAB Bar – Great for cocktails…if you can get to the bar

LAB (London Academy of Bartenders) lives up to its name with a creative and complex menu of cocktails that will have you counting the days until you can come back to try another one.  Nestled at the edge of Soho, it’s well placed for starting a night out or for a slightly more chill one lounging about on the comfortable leather sofas in the lower level.

Popular choices include the Porn Star Martini, pretty much any version of mojito you can come up with, and their take on classic whiskey cocktails such as an Old Fashioned. The downside is that these drinks do take a bit longer to make than your standard rum & coke, but as they say, good things come to those who wait. The cocktails are on the pricier side (around the £8-12 mark) but luckily a Drink Deck card will give you 20% off your entire tab, INCLUDING HAPPY HOUR! Yep, we’re just spoiling you now.My most recent favourite is the Fireball shooter. The best way to describe the taste is to imagine an Atomic Fireball (hence the name) candy in a drink form. The actual ingredients are Frozen Kummel (herbal liqueur similar to Jaeger), Goldschlager (100 proof cinnamon liqueur), and a float of Absinthe. You are given a straw and the absinthe is lit on fire. When your bartender says go, you shove the straw through the flames and suck the shot down as fast as humanely possible while the bartender showers the drink with cinnamon powder.The result is a 2-second drink that packs a serious punch and will set you back a fiver. If you love the candy, you will love the drink. And for the start of a night out it’s a fast and tasty way to get your buzz going.Quick tip: if you don’t have a table, it is faster to get drinks at the upstairs bar rather than fight through the frenzied mob below. On Friday/Saturday nights, be prepared for a wait as just placing an order can take up to 20 minutes and the drinks themselves are not quick shake.
Random fact: There isn’t a dress code beyond not looking like a slob. And don’t wear a tie – for whatever reason the doormen are adamant that no tie shall be worn across their threshold.

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