Drink & Dine

London Cocktail Club – Tasty drinks, tiny bar

The newest location for the London Cocktail Club is smack dab in the middle of the action and is a perfect place for a pre-theatre drink (especially for you blokes being dragged along) or a night on the town.

For those not familiar with LCC, this place is known for starting off a bit slow and seducing you with some top notch cocktails. Then as the night gets a bit older, all hell breaks loose. Expect shots, a bit of singing, and without fail a bartender or three dancing up a storm on the bar.

A bit of a comparison between the Goodge St location and the Shaftesbury one. Goodge St is a bit of a hidden gem and a very cosy secluded speakeasy feel. Shaftesbury is a larger bar area with considerably more sitting and standing space. However, the actual bar looks smaller and it’s not clear if there is table service (I imagine quieter nights are more likely for this). That being said, the bar staff are pretty damn quick when it comes to making drinks and pouring shots so you are never thirsty for long.

Cocktails are your standard selection with a few twists (the Zombie Swizzler has become one of my favourites) to keep things lively. LCC gets extra points for having rail alcohols actually being decent brands rather than mysterious bottles of pain.

And of course, the best bit is that LCC Shaftesbury has a Drink Deck which gets you £8 off a £20 spend. That’s basically enough for a free cocktail and shot to really get your night going

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