Cycling & Challenges

Sigma Sport – A cyclist’s paradise

Sigma Sport is a cyclist paradise with more bikes, parts, and gear than you could ever want (although it’s tempting to think of that as a challenge). Arranged over two floors, the entire ground floor is devoted to hardware whereas the top floor holds clothing as well as a Triathlon section. It’s not usual for 90% of the customers to be decked out in lycra with a cycle (primarily road bikes) in tow and the store welcomes you dragging your cycle around with you (how else will you know what you want to upgrade?). The staff are very knowledgeable and there is a pretty high staff to customer ratio so you know you can be in and out in a flash. Pretty good thinking since I don’t want to be spending the day there, just get what I need and get back to putting some miles on the bike! I went it for a tri-suit fitting and the triathlon guy helped me with getting the damn thing on (quite hard when you don’t know what you are doing) and even suggested I bring the suit I had bought online to the store and he’d make sure it was the right one for me. That’s customer service…even when you aren’t a customer of theirs!The store stocks all major brands and some I’ve never heard of but imagine to be of top quality given the company they keep. That being said, all this isn’t cheap and you pay for the quality and selection. If you want a bargain buy while you potter around the city, I’d recommend Evans or Cycle Surgery. But if you are looking to up your game and get some proper kit, there are few places better than Sigma Sports.

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