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The Butcher & Grill – Cheap steak in Battersea

I confess I’m playing catch-up on reviews but luckily the Butcher and Grill stuck in my mind so I feel justified writing this a few months afterwards. Basically, try this place out for the Monday steak deals where steak and chips are just a tenner. Not too shabby right?

10 squids for a rump steak and fries

10 squids for a rump steak and fries

The steak itself was a decent good value piece of meat served with peppercorn sauce and a bowl of thick cut chips. If you do the deal, you only get the rump steak whereas the a la carte menu offers up the usual suspects. I’d asked for it medium rare and got the US version of that (more medium than rare) so if, like me, you enjoy a bloody piece of meat I’d go for rare or maybe dare to try asking for it blue. The chips are like the steak, good value but not going to knock your socks off.

An old fashioned with straws?

An old fashioned with straws?

Cocktail are made a bit weak especially given the hefty £9 price tag on my old fashioned. I’d probably stick with beer and wine and wander down the street to one of the many bars (say the Doodle bar if it’s open) for drinks afterwards if need be. But it’s a Monday so you can just have a beer and not think of yourself as a failure. I promise.

mmhmmm...sticky toffee pudding

mmhmmm…sticky toffee pudding

The other thing is that the ventilation sucks in the warmer months. It was hot enough that I think my steak was still cooking while I ate it. We tried opening a window but the difference in air pressure meant we created a mini whirlwind inside and had to quickly shut it. So perhaps save this for a winter spot when the impressive heat retention is a plus point.

Overall, good value place if you are in the area or fancy a steak but are a bit skint. Not a place to impress but rather to catch up with friends.

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