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Movie time – Django Unchained

I made a bit of an error and based my flights to and from a wedding in Tallahassee on hotel bookings made by someone who wasn’t going. And then my friends copied me so long story short we ended up with a spare day in the middle of nowhere Florida (although that happens to be Florida’s capital). What to do? Well shopping was out of the question, we had drank our way through all 5 bars in town, and coordination for a shooting range was a pipe dream. So we decided to head over the local movie theatre and catch Quentin Tarantino’s latest offering to the cinema gods.

Django unchained is actually a remake but a damn good one. It’s a story about a bounty hunter who befriends a slave to help him find his current bounty. They become friends and the bounty hunter teaches the slave (now freed) the trade and helps him locate his wife. Keep in mind that a Tarantino film isn’t a standard, try to be realistic, film. Rather, it goes the ridiculous route with a unhealthy dose of blood and gore so really not for the faint hearted or weak stomached.

Other than a resilient constitution, I would suggest being able to suspend your disbelief (and belief in the laws of physics) to really enjoy the movie. It’s a mix of slightly over dramatic acting and partially insane characters whose passion for their overblown personalities somehow helps pull off otherwise absurd lines. It’s almost a case of everything being a bit too much on its own, but in combination it works perfectly.

I’m trying not to give anything away as the healthy does of suspense really helps push this movie to a whole new entertaining level. But quite simply the best recommendation I can give is that immediately after seeing it, I was tempted to buy a ticket for the next show and see it again. And from my friends’ status updates, I wasn’t the only one.

Go see it. You won’t regret it. Unless perhaps you have just had a big meal and get a bit queasy at the sight of blood…


One thought on “Movie time – Django Unchained

  1. Good review. Django Unchained is really weird, and I say this as someone who has grown very much accustomed to Tarantino’s classic cinematic insanity. He outdoes himself once again in the odd category and it’s a whole bunch of overzealous fun to watch.

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