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Ramen Club – Bone Daddies

The latest in our Ramen Club outing was to Bone Daddies, the hip new noodle joint in Soho that’s staying true to Japanese way of life. It’s the latest in the trend so the core challenge is to differentiate itself. Now we (mostly me, but this is based on discussions with said Ramen Club too) judge ramen on a number of categories: Noodles, veggies and associated toppings, meat, egg, and of course the all important broth!.

The Bone Daddies interior

The Bone Daddies interior

I quite enjoyed my time here including the delicious selection of Japanese whiskey, the vibrant atmosphere, and the warm welcome I received from the manager.

Some tasty Japanese whiskey...who knew they were that good?

Some tasty Japanese whiskey…who knew they were that good?

Noodles – Cooked perfectly with just a hint of resistance in each bite. I find that too often the noodles are cold (not enough time out of the fridge before the broth is poured in) or mushy (cooked and then broth is added). So this was a noodle win topped only by Tonkotsu’s offering.

Veggies & toppings – The veggies in my bowl were crunchy and flavourful so my one gripe would be that there weren’t enough of them. The toppings were sparse in the bowl but I appreciate that you can add from a variety of items on the table. There is a sesame seed grinder (I’ve never ground sesame into anytime but it helped bulk out the broth) and a garlic press with fresh garlic cloves (brilliant idea!). The one thing lacking was extra fresh chilli although to be fair there was some chilli oil (just not my thing).

A sesame grinder? Cool!

A sesame grinder? Cool!

Meat – This was the disappointment in the dish. I found the meat to be lacking in substance in both form and flavour. Cocoro still wins in my book for best meat although Ittenbari would be a close second.

Egg – Let me qualify this by saying I don’t like egg. I have it scrambled and occasionally poached with salmon but it really isn’t my thing. I haven’t enjoyed it at any other Ramen place but at Bone Daddies it was incredible and I wanted another one. Yes, it’s that good.

Asahi Super Creamy Dry

Asahi Super Creamy Dry

Broth – I opted for the 20 hour Tonkotsu broth. It’s thick and rich and full of meaty (and fatty!) goodness. If there isn’t enough fat for you, you can opt for an extra pipette of fat for 50p. One of the better broths in London and perfect for a cold wintry day (like today) and only beat by the spicy Tonkotsu from Cocoro. Man, I wish I could have a bowl of it now!

Overall, it was one of the best bowls of Ramen I’ve had in London. Individually, I don’t think most of the components were worthy of the top spot but put together it’s incredible. Also special note to the manager for his impeccable customer service in dealing with our large group (and remembering YGO who came a few days earlier), the bartender for taking the time to talk about Japanese whiskey with me (and gave me a free taster), and our sassy waitress for impeccable banter.

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