BurgerQuest – Hawk3 – Hawksmoor Seven Dials

Hawksmoor Seven Dials was the last Hawksmoor I needed to complete the collection, and ,when I saw the email advertising their Christmas Turkey Burger as the 3rd burger special, I knew the time had come to try it.

I had arranged to meet a friend there before we headed off to see a play but of course, true to form, I was delayed at work by a last minute assignment. I was further delayed by the lack of cycle parking around the place and instead had to cross a couple more streets before bike racks finally made an appearance. Seriously Seven Dials, what’s going on? If any place in London should cater to a cycle over car area, I would think it would be you!

The Hawk3 bar

The Hawk3 bar

I had told her to order for me when she got there as we’d be pushed for time otherwise and this almost ended up being the burger’s undoing. Hawksmoor’s kitchen is pretty damn efficient and served up the food within 10 minutes of ordering. The problem was, I only arrived just under 30 minutes from the order being placed (my fault, not Hawksmoor’s) but they couldn’t take it back to the kitchen and keep under the heat lamps as the kitchen was too busy.

Burger, relish, and potatoes

Burger, relish, and potatoes

So when I finally arrived and persuaded the hostess to let me go to the bar (slight issue as she was adamant you couldn’t walk into the bar and sit down despite my friend having done so just 30 mins before and having saved me a seat), my burger was waiting for me. It was still warm and juicy and was quite possibly the best turkey burger I’ve ever had. Two breaded slices of turkey breast cooked perfectly and retaining a massive amount of moisture and flavour. The bacon was there in body but not in taste and I could have skipped it without noticing. The demi-brioche bun used by Hawksmoor was delicious as usual.


Tender turkey in a burger

My main gripe was the roast potatoes served with the burger (come on…burgers should always comes with chips – this is an option but not the default). The roast potatoes lacked flavour and were slightly undercooked so quite a let down from an otherwise great meal.

Extra bonus points to the bartender who, after noticing my food was waiting for 20 minutes without me, made me an old fashioned on the house. Excellent customer service with absolutely no expectation on my part or obligation on theirs, and an instance that will always remain a bright spot in my memory of the experience.

Free drink!

Free drink!

At £15, it’s expensive for any burger and even more so for a turkey burger so in the value for money rating it takes a hit. Taste-wise, the burger has it going on but some failings (bacon and potatoes) hurt it. Customer service was top notch for the bar staff but a bit iffy for the hostess. So overall, I think 3 stars for you Hawksmoor Seven Dials. I’ve had incredible experiences at your sibling restaurants so I expect more from you.

Now I couldn't leave a Hawksmoor without the sticky toffee pudding..

Now I couldn’t leave a Hawksmoor without the sticky toffee pudding..

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