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Porterford Butchers – All the Meat you can Eat!

Meat, glorious meat! Yes the Porterford Butchers sells a pretty dazzling variety of meat from your standard cuts of beef and pork to some harder to find game birds including quail, partridge, and guinea fowl. And while I’ll keep it in mind for later (prices are pretty reasonable with sirloin coming in at £19/kg) for a steak, what I’d like to share is the lunch options.



Despite its small size, PB puts on one helluva lunch spread composed primarily of, you guessed it, meat. You can get various bits of chicken (breast, leg, thigh, and wings) in piri-piri spice, Chinese 5 spice glaze, bbq, or just plain. There are ribs in the same flavour options, massive lamb kofta and spicy chicken satay on skewers, sausages, rolls of boerwurst, pork and lamb chops, and even whole roast chickens on offer. The food is tasty although the spicy options are nowhere near spicy enough for my tastes. Still, for the average person, I imagine this is just right and I can’t fault the other flavours.

A veritable buffet of meaty choices.

A veritable buffet of meaty choices.

PB also sells a range of baguettes from the bacon or sausage baguettes for £2.50 to a steak and onion for £4. But if you want your carbs, I highly recommend the roast potatoes (4 for £1) which are massive, well flavoured with a tangy salt and spice crust, and always piping hot straight out of the oven.

All that for just over a fiver...brilliant!

All that for just over a fiver…brilliant!

The prices are hard to beat with an epic meal of 2 ribs, 6 potatoes, and a steak and onion baguette only coming up to £6.70. A smaller portion (although no less filling) consisting of a lamb kofta, a spicy chicken satay, a piri-piri chicken thigh, and four potatoes ringing up a fiver.  For a hot, fresh, food coma meal in the Bank area, it’s hard to beat this. Assenheims 56 has some competition!

3 thoughts on “Porterford Butchers – All the Meat you can Eat!

      • Street kitchen is pretty decent . We are also quite far from assenheims but we managed to get them to deliver to us as we had a big office order. Sure they would do the same

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