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Chi-town Chow – BAT 17

Here is a fun fact: BAT 17 is named due to its address being 1709 Benson Avenue Tavern. And here is another: the regular sandwich is larger than your head so just imagine how big the large must be!

Now that's what I call a beer menu!

Now that’s what I call a beer menu!

Alright, truly terrible lines aside, BAT 17 is a quality place to go when hunger strikes. It’s a fairly relaxed place that would be fine for watching the game or catching up with friends. They have easily 20-30 beers on offer and you can even get those massive towers of beer to share if you so desire.

However, the big draw are the creatively designed mouth watering sandwiches. Organised by protein, the menu covers a massive blackboard on one side of the room. I pity the person who has to write that all out in neat script as I’m sure I’d make it maybe 10% through and give up.

My choice was a pulled pork sandwich as pulled pork is a rarity in London. I was pretty hungry but since we had been stuffing ourselves for the last few days, I thought I’d play it smart and go for the regular. The damn thing was massive and it turns out the large would be a further 3oz of meat and presumably a larger bun. Still, the tender succulent pork on the soft bun was delicious and I couldn’t help but steadily mow through it. The sweet potato fries were also tasty with crispy skins covering the creamy flesh and, when combined with chipotle ketchup, made a perfect counterpart to the tangy bbq sauce on my pork.

Yes, the bloody thing is twice the size of my fist.

Yes, the bloody thing is twice the size of my fist.

My mate had a turkey club that could have fed a family of four but also managed to push through and finish the whole thing. We were quite proud of ourselves…until we got up and realised that moving would be a challenge. Thankfully, in true US style, we were driving everywhere as I don’t my usual walk or cycle ride would have happened.

Overall, I can easily see why this is a favourite haunt for Evanston dwellers and particularly Kellogg students. Reasonable prices, excellent value for money, and mega-taste in every mouthful – sandwich win!

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