BurgerQuest – Lucky Chip

Lucky Chip consistently appears on the Top 10 burgers in London lists that are published by pretty much every burger blogger I follow, so naturally it had to be on the list for BurgerQuest. The problem with Lucky Chip is that it’s bloody hard to get to their food stall in Netil Market and the pop-ups never seemed to be quite right. But, finally, fate smiled upon me and Lucky Chip made an appearance at the winter Feast in Angel.

The menu - simple and to the point!

The menu – simple and to the point!

I opted for the cheeseburger (although the Rudolf venison burger special sounded pretty good) in order to get a taste for their staple offerings. Overall, it was a good burger but let’s break it down into component parts as there were some minor flaws that kinda degraded the experience.

The bun was soft and absorbent in the demi-brioche style that is fast becoming a standard in the gourmet burger industry. It held together pretty well although started to lose cohesion by the last few bites. That being said, it did the job so we’ll give it 4 stars.

The cheeseburger at first glance.

The cheeseburger at first glance.

The patty was thick and juicy with plenty of pink awesomeness. The cheese wasn’t special but added a nice creamy element and a hint of sharpness that contrasted well with the slightly acidic ketchup. The major issue with the patty was the level of seasoning. I have a high salt tolerance but each bit was slightly painful with the overwhelming saltiness. This was a burger that required a beer to wash it down. Sorry, 2 stars for the patty.

Note: There may have been bacon on this burger (making it the Bacon Burger) but any taste was lost in the overwhelming saltiness of each bite.

A burger cross-section

A burger cross-section

The lack of sides at Feast was annoying as I’ve heard good things about their chips. One day, hopefully, I’ll give them a go and maybe it was just a badly seasoned batch of meat. However, that’s all I have to go on so a generous 3/5 stars for you, Lucky Chip, and only because Burgerac and BurgerMe vouch for you!

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