Drink & Dine

Q&D Reviews – ScooterCaffe

This is a little place tucked away behind Waterloo Station. Upon first glance, it looks more like a little coffee shop where you can spend hours reading a book or writing your memoirs. And during the day, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what it is.

As night falls, it changes into a kitschy little bar with a full range of alcohols although I’d wager this is more for standard cocktails than any novel or innovative drinks due to the limited number of liqueurs and mixers. However, the drinks they do serve are impeccably made as evidenced by the very clean and crisp gin & tonics my friends ordered.

I took a slightly different tack and ordered a double Laphroaig 10 year old whiskey neat. To my delight, and possibly the dismay of others, the smoky peaty smell spread over the whole bar hinting at a fresh bottle properly stored.

Décor wise, it kind of looks like someone raided a storage locker clear out sale with items that are most likely described as “salvaged” or “reclaimed”. It’s not my style and thus unlikely that I would opt to come back (I prefer clean lines, stone, metal, and glass in my bars) but my sister loved it. Each to their own I suppose.

Prices are very reasonable sot that is a draw but be warned – there is space for maybe 12-15 people to sit and very little standing room. So while good for meeting a friend or two, any medium to large group is going to be sorely disappointed. An interesting stop on our way to Cubana and probably best kept that way.

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