BurgerQuest: MEATMission

MEATMission, the latest edition of the MEAT family, puts its siblings to shame. The Mission part comes from the fact that it’s set up in a converted Spanish mission and they’ve really focused on that with an epic stained glass ceiling and the fact the lit up sign outside only says “Mission”. It took me a minute of staring at the sign to decide it must be the right place as the dark, almost blacked out windows don’t give anything away.

Once inside, I spotted Nava at a booth and in short order we were relaxing and staring around in wide-eyed wonder. The rest of our MEAT crew soon showed up and were quickly followed by a 3 pint jug (I’m talking a glass jug in the shape of those stereotypical moonshine bottles – the ones with the XX on them). I believe we chose the Brooklyn Lager which was light, a touch sweet, and a good helping of hops – all in all it was a perfect accompaniment to our varied food choices.

After perusing the menu and having some debate over what starters to get, we decided to do the grown up thing and order all of them (or would the grown up thing be to actually make a decision?). This came to buffalo wings, fried pickles, and an epic garbage plate. The wings were good and kudos for properly serving them with celery and blue cheese dressing, but they could have used some more heat. The fried pickles weren’t my thing but made Erica swoon so they must have something going for them.

Stealing the show was the garbage plate which tastes pretty much the opposite of how it sounds. Think of it as the American version of a poutine with crunchy fries, sautéed and crunchy oninons, slices of roast beef, and horseradish cream all covered in a meaty beef gravy. And I mean properly doused, not just drizzled for appearance. Apart from the heart attack I had with every other bite, it was pure heaven and I could eat that any time.

For the burger, I stuck with my green chilli burger (a cheeseburger covered in chopped jalapenos) but in an effort to keep an open mind (and break in our MEAT virgins), we also got a Dead Hippie to share. Now, as you may recall from my MEATMarket review, I thought the Dead Hippie burger tasted exactly like its namesake would likely taste, so I wasn’t fan. The MEATMission version however was so much better and may have made a fan out of me. I love the slightly pungent taste of the mustard fried patties and the sauce makes it an interesting flavour combination of meaty, tangy, and a bit acidic (in a good way). The green chilli still wins but I no longer hate the Dead Hippie (but only at MEATMission).

The atmosphere is also more pleasing and manages to have character without deafening you (I’m thinking of you MEATLiquor). The servers are pretty damn friendly and don’t mind when you make a mess. As a side note, although they say you can book, there is only one large table open for reservations. So even if they tell you there are no reservations available, 90% of the place is up for walk in. Do make sure to get in early though as by 8pm there was a considerable line.

Overall, MEATMission brought me back to the MEAT family, and for that I thank it.

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