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Ramen Club – Shoryu Ramen

So much ramen, so little time. And you need time if you want to go to Shoryu as the line is quite often 10-15 people long on any given evening. We went on the soft-opening week which meant the line was even longer although props to the staff for shoving us in as fast as possible and having no qualms about asking random people to sit together.  However, I didn’t quite understand why they split the group up when the table the first pair was given was more than enough for all of us. We swapped the randoms for our friends and everyone was happy (except for the waitress who looked like she was about to punch a hole in the wall).
The Ramen itself was good (I chose the Shoryu Special) with a rich creamy white broth that was an excellent argument on its own for taking the slow boil method for making tonkotsu stock. The pork itself wasn’t that flavourful and I remember being a little disappointed in the low amount of veggies. Those that were there were excellent and so was the egg. The bowl is a massive serving and I happily slurped my way into fatty pork nirvana.

Double egg? Win.

Double egg? Win.

It’s a bit cramped inside with the planners seemingly hell bent on working out how to maximise the number of people per square meter. Be prepared to get close to some strangers and even cosier with your friends. Then again, we all survive the tube in rush hour so by comparison this is downright luxurious!



In the London Ramen rankings, the overall food is good but not enough to dethrone Bone Daddies as the London Ramen King!

2 thoughts on “Ramen Club – Shoryu Ramen

    • @SL3…Bone Daddies is pure awesome. However, if you start there the others will likely taste a bit less awesome by comparison. I recommend starting with Cocoro for Spicy Tonkotsu and maybe Shoryu or Ittenbari for your second bowl. Then, when you are primed, get over to Bone Daddies. But if you can only choose one, Bone Daddies is the place to go!

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