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Windy City Tales – Edzo’s Burger Shop

As you know, I’ve been hunting for the best burger in London. Since I was heading off for a few weeks vacation, I thought I’d take this goal along with me – especially since my mate had been raving about this burger joint in Evanston that put all our past burger experiences to shame. Now given that our previous experiences were limited to dollar burgers are Bar Louis and the occasional splurge to Red Robin (we were poor college students), this isn’t saying too much. But the guy has good taste, so I agreed to give it a try.

Old school diner style!

Old school diner style!

Edzo’s is a proper burger joint and aims to provide an eclectic mix focused on this American favourite but knock it up a notch. I’m talking patties made not just from beef, but bison, pork, and even a venison one. Toppings are pretty much up to you and are offered at the basic cheese and pickles to slightly stranger options like giardinieria (brilliant choice). The fries likewise have a number of toppings but the two that caught our collective eye were the angry and the truffle parmesan fries.

Not much space and it's always busy...

Not much space and it’s always busy…

The burger itself was good but lacking a bit of that wow factor. It was a juicy patty, creamy cheese, and a soft bun and for the price (under $8) I couldn’t fault the value and I can see why it’s popular with the Northwestern crowd. But where the burger fed the hunger but not the soul (to use a cheesy line), the fries really stepped up to the plate.

Nice pink juicy patty :-)

Nice pink juicy patty 🙂

The base fry is crunchy crisp yet soft and fluffy on the inside and retains only enough oil to make any spices stick to it. Edzo’s has perfected this art without a doubt. Where it gets really good is the choice of toppings. The angry fries had jalapenos, giardinieria, birds eye, red chillies, and a generous helping of hot sauce. The massive portion of fries were completely covered and the combined heat of the chillies was addicting despite the fire.

Burgers to the right, epic fries to the left

Burgers to the right, epic fries to the left

The parmesan truffle fries somehow managed to top the pinnacle of spicy perfection. The sharp taste of the parmesan was perfectly balanced with that full mouth feel that you get from truffle. I just couldn’t stop eating them even though I was pretty stuffed already. I think at some point we even considered getting another order for the walk home but in hindsight we’d have died of massive cardiac arrest before we got two steps if we had.

Overall, is it the best burger? No, Edzo’s doesn’t get that title but it does push Honest Burger just slightly out for the best burger experience. Yes, it’s a bit greasy and your heart may stop once or while, but damn you walk out of there with a smile on your face and a firm craving to get back there soon.

How could I forget about a shake with a cherry on top?!

How could I forget about a shake with a cherry on top?!

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