BurgerQuest – Bleecker St Burger Double

Bleecker St Burger (@bleeckerburger) is a relatively new food truck on the London street food scene. Started by a lovely lady from New York (although for some reason I think she was a Red Sox fan…), it offers up a simple menu of a hamburger, cheeseburger, and double cheese burger done the NYC style. Sides include regular or sweet potato fries and you can get a few sodas to wash it all down.

The simple plan

The simple plan

They source the meat from a very particular butcher down in south London and prepare the patties by hand on site. I know this for a fact as she was making them one late Friday morning in preparation for the lunch rush while I sat there munching on the first burger of the day and chatting about the challenges of being a street food vendor.

The hamburger and cheeseburger are undoubtedly good, but what really stands out is the double cheeseburger. Two thick juicy patties of prime A beef coarsely ground and carefully shaped by hand are sandwiched by gooey melted cheese and a encased in a soft white bun. The meat melts in your mouth but provides just enough resistance to add a layer a texture to each bite and balance the creaminess of the cheese. I’m a demi-brioche man normally, but I was quite impressed with how well the bun held together despite the amount of meat juice that was leaking out of my burger.

The Double Cheeseburger!

The Double Cheeseburger!

This isn’t a healthy meal by any means but it never pretended to be. Instead, it goes for that glorious impact of artery clogging goodness and it achieves it with flying colors. The one hold up is that for the price (fairly steep at around £8 I think), there are better options on Eat St but sometimes you just want that large heart stopping bite of simple awesomeness and Bleecker St hits all the right notes for that. They keep it simple which means you get a quality product each time and that’s something far too few of their burger slinging competitors can claim.

Burger slingers at work!

Burger slingers at work!

Update: I finally got to try the fries from Bleecker St Burger at Real Food Festival this past weekend. The regular and sweet potato fries are good, but it was the angry fries that were my favourite. Doused in hot sauce, they have quite a kick although lose out on crunchiness. Still, they are my picks to go with a double Bleecker cheeseburger and a Wildcard red ale.

4 thoughts on “BurgerQuest – Bleecker St Burger Double

  1. Nice foodie shot. Nothing like a great burger. Great description of the burger and experience eating. Want!

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