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Nordic Bakery – Scandinavian breakfast done right

If nothing else, Nordic Bakery is worth a punt to try the cinnamon rolls. We’re not talking those small over processed things you usually get at Starbucks here. Oh no, these beasts are the real deal and easily enough to feed a family of four.

THE Cinnamon Roll

THE Cinnamon Roll

The key to a good cinnamon roll is keeping the dough light despite the size. Too often, you eagerly dive into a bun and peel the outer layer or two clear to find a solid core of stodgy flour and water. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Nordic Bakery’s offering, despite being the size of my head, is light and fluffy with a glazed crust to give you that crunch with each bite. It’s golden brown colour appeals to the eyes while the smell of warming cinnamon is an olfactory delight. Yes, as to be expected, it has a rich spiced flavour from the bark which is its namesake and also a scattering of fruits for a touch of sweetness. The optional sugar glaze is worth it if you have a sweet tooth but by no means necessary.

Open faced sandwich, anyone?

Open faced sandwich, anyone?

I should mention the other items on sale as I did order pretty much everything. The open faced sandwiches are a Scandinavian staple from my understanding. As to be expected, salmon plays a huge roll, and a very tasty one at that especially when coupled with the stone ground mustard. The brie and lingonberry is also one of my favourites with the tart acidic taste of the lingoberries enhancing the creaminess of the brie. Oh, also get the Karelian pie which is kinda like a potato cake with pastry and is all awesomeness.

All the pastries you can eat!

All the pastries you can eat!

There are also quite a few breads that you can buy by the loaf, most of which are traditional ryes I think. Price wise, it’s reasonable for a light breakfast with the cinnamon buns being around £2.50 and coffee about the same. Give it a go instead of your normal Starbucks/Costa Coffee if you are in the area!



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