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Borough Market Munchies – The Guildable Manor

Delicious fresh food, quick service, witty banter from friendly cooks

The Guildable Guys hard at work

The Guildable Guys hard at work

I used to work at London Bridge so I’d often wander over to Borough Market on the latter half of the week for a bite to eat for lunch. Even now I love dropping by on a Saturday just before the crowds for an early brunch of sorts. My aim to try everything at least once, and with that in mind I stopped at the Guildable Manor to check it out. Well that’s not quite true. I could smell the sizzling meats from the road and followed my nose to see what was going down.

The standard menu

The standard menu

First off, gotta note that this wasn’t the formal restaurant but rather the pop up stall they’ve got next to Cafe Brood. Since it’s just there for lunch, the menu is limited to 4 staples (beef with jalapenos, mixed game with apricots, lamb with smoked paprika and coriander, and a veggie option with haloumi cheese) and a special (today was a veal with sundried tomatoes). The meats are shaped into kebab form (the long cyndrical pieces from the Middle East not the stuff you get from a dodgy shop at 3am) and cooked in front of you. It comes served on a fresh baguette stuffed with rocket, pickled red onions, and other random veggies.

Once you have your meat and baguette, you can pick from a variety of sauces ranging from harissa to salsa verde to a sweet chilli. All of these are homemade and delicious. I opted for the harissa as I’m a spice addict and a bit of garlic aioli to smooth it all together.

How good does that look?

How good does that look?

The meat was tender and flavourful, almost making me wish I hadn’t bothered with the sauces. However, the harissa was exceptional, almost as good as what you can get in Morocco itself. The harissa had a bite at the beginning that continued to warm as the slightly oily taste washed over your tongue, letting the flavours linger longer than ordinarily you’d expect. The meat provided a solid foundation, cooked long enough to release the taste without going into the tough and chewy territory. The veggies were fresh, providing a range of textures to contrast the tender meat and fluffy bread.

I’m definitely putting this on a must try list for Borough (whenever I get around to writing a list down!). For £4.50, its a solid lunch option that will keep you full for the rest of the day. Oh, and they give you a free lollipop as you leave…how cool is that?

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