Yelp Meet the Owner Event – Kua’aina

I really thought I had already written a review for this but it must have been the food coma talking. Not sure what to add except my hearty congrats to Alex S for another excellent event, my typical moaning about the term “light bites” completely underestimating the amount of food Ed (the owner) showered us with, and consequently my gratitude and envy in equal parts to Ed for leaving the rat race and bringing Kua’aina to London.

Check out that juicy meat!

Check out that juicy meat!

We were down in the newly refurbished lower level of Kua-aina to sample some burgers and sandwiches. While the theme is Hawaiian, the food is more general good hearty American dining and not restricted to Hawaii. But really, that’s fine when they dish up thick juicy burgers and tender teriyaki chicken. Oh and sweet potato fries. Between that and the tropical blue punch cocktail, Ed had all the girls swooning. Hell, he had me swooning too!

Jules modelling some classic Kua'aina fare

Jules modelling some classic Kua’aina fare

Food and drink flowed freely and when it looked as if we may have just managed to finish everything he could throw at us, Ed was happy to offer to make us another round. I’m actually glad Nida K encouraged me to head out with her instead of lingering as I usually do as I’m not sure I’d have made it back home otherwise! You would have found me napping in a corner in food heaven.

Kua’aina is definitely on my list of places to hit up when I need some relaxed dining. As far as burgers go, they are good but not the top in London. But what they have that the top joints don’t is a full package of food, drinks, and atmosphere that is always a major draw when I go hunting for a place to eat!

Burger heaven!

Burger heaven!

*Note: Yelp is a review website but also has a top end social element as this event highlights. We Yelpers do more than just write reviews, we attend events thrown by our Community Manager (Alex S) and even those organised unofficially by Yelpers. Also, the vast majority of us use our real names and photos so we stand by our reviews.

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