BurgerQuest – Burger & Lobster City

Hmmm, I wonder what Burger & Lobster sell? This is a place that has really decided to follow the phrase “It’s all in the name”. The menu is so simple, that there isn’t one. You quite simply can order a burger (with optional bacon and cheese), a 1 1/2 lb lobster (either grilled or steamed), and a lobster roll – all for £20.

Yeah I'm excited about wearing a bib!

Yeah I’m excited about wearing a bib!

Pretty much everyone I know goes for the lobster or lobster roll, so it was pretty tempting but as I’m on a BurgerQuest, it was always going to be the burger. For £20, you expect to be wowed with a burger or at the very least understand what is supporting the price. Sadly, B&L’s burger doesn’t quite do that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a delicious burger but not worth the price tag. It’s a sizeable beast on a soft white bun sandwiching tender juicy meat. The bacon was a great addition with its salty and smoky flavours but I would have preferred  sharper cheddar as the cheese got a bit lost in the mix.

THE Burger

THE Burger

You do get unlimited chips and salad (which isn’t something they advertise) but whether or not you want them is another question. The chips are perfectly adequate but again they don’t really knock your socks off. The salad is great with parmesan cheese and mini croutons so fill your boots with that.

Drinks wise, there is decent wine list and some interesting cocktails. I would warn the cocktails are a bit expensive at around £9-10 and fairly light. Wines will run you around £6/glass. Desserts are a bit weird as they get served in takeaway cups but some of the lightest and fruitiest cheesecake I’ve ever had.

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream on the left, cheesecake on the right.

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream on the left, cheesecake on the right.

Ah, and of course, getting a table. Now the Shoreditch and City locations will let your reserve but the Soho and Mayfair ones typically are walk in only. If you can, reserve a table as otherwise the wait can be anywhere from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours, even on a Tuesday evening.

Overall, a good effort at the burger, B&L, but I’m not sure why you need it to be so expensive. Surely you can knock it down to £15 without too much of an issue?

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