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Evans Cycles – A bike chain done right

This store is my go to place for cycle stuff for its friendly quick service, breadth and depth of stock, and excellent location.

Unlucky for me (and any drivers I almost played chicken with) my front bike light finally died after 3 years of faithful use through rain, sleet, and snow. Given that I’m somewhat attached to making it through cycling each day without splattering across a windshield like a wayward bug, it was time to shell out the cash.

A outside shot

A outside shot

Conveniently, Evans Cycles has not one, but two stores within a stone’s throw (and no I haven’t tested that claim) from Waterloo station. I know that most people, particularly devoted cyclists, tend to shy away from the major chain stores as the staff don’t have the same level as passion and knowledge as your more speciality stores. That being said, I’ve yet to come up with a question that the guys at this Evans store couldn’t answer and I’ve spent a couple hours quizzing them on different types of bikes before I bought my BMC. So no issues on that score.
A look at the interior (courtesy of google images)

A look at the interior (courtesy of Google images)

The store has just been renovated which has resulted in more space, more stuff, and in general an easier store to navigate with a bike on tow. I easily located new lights and picked up a spare inner tube. The staff were very friendly and there was virtually no wait before one guy had rung me up, offered me a free BMC cap and SIS energy gel. A few moments later, my purchase was paid for, logged against my account, and I was back on the road.

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