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Discovering Dalston – Voodoo Ray’s Pizza

Pizza, beer, and a crazy movie about a slightly paedophilic Bowie makes for one helluva good night. And when you pizza comes from Voodoo Ray’s who dish up a monster 22″ pie, it doesn’t get much better. Well, the beer could have been better, but that’s not the point.

Voodoo Ray’s, up in Dalston, has quickly made a name for itself in the pizza business. They keep it simple and primarily just serve fresh pizza from their stack of 4 massive pizza ovens. None of this pasta or fried chicken nonsense, just good dough with a variety of toppings. The names will leave you in stitches as you try to decide what to order. In this case, we opted for the “Got Beef” and “The Meat is On”, both of which are a vegetarian’s worst nightmare (well maybe the Got Beef is slightly less so as it comes with slices aubergine). However, for carnivores they are pure delight (except for those damn slices of aubergine!).

And that's how they take your order - clever!

And that’s how they take your order – clever!

Each slice is huge and similar to the NY style of pizza making. Your best bet is to fold it in half to help maintain structural integrity as you eat. The toppings are fresh and flavourful and the dough light and crispy. Yes, it is a bit oily and greasy (what good pizza isn’t?) but we never claimed this was a healthy food choice.

That's one helluva pie

That’s one helluva pie

If you happen to be out in Dalston late, they have a special pizza which only becomes available after midnight. I’m tempted to make the trek up there one night just to find out what it is. For you sweet lovers out there, they do serve up brownies baked in aforementioned ovens but I can’t talk from personal experience about that…yet.

All in all, a good addition to the Dalston scene and one I’ll be keeping in mind for my next trip up there.

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