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Food Coma Lunch – Luardo’s

Ah Luardos, how you have grown! I first tried them a few years ago on Southbank and remember being satisfied but not particularly impressed. The team behind the pink truck have really knocked it up a notch or three and put out some top quality stuff. I’ve just finished a chipotle brisket burrito with guac and chorizo. I’m stuffed but oh so happy as that has got to be one of the best burritos I’ve ever had.

The pink Luardos truck!

The pink Luardos truck!

Luardos is easily recognisable by their pink graffiti style truck that can be found at Kerb (today it was the market at the Gherkin), Street Feast on occasion, and randomly trundling down the street. The menu is straightforward with the key elements for your core protein (beef brisket, chicken, pork, and veggie)) with guac and chorizo for 50p extra each. Given that the burrito is £5.50-6, the max you can spend is £7 and this is for a foil wrapped package the size of a small child.

An ominous sign?

An ominous sign?

I opted, of course, for the chipotle brisket as I can’t resist anything covered in chipotle. There is something about that smoky spice that just makes me drool. The tortilla is toasted on a flat plate (compared to the typical steaming method) which melts the cheese just enough to make it gooey. Black beans (no pinto beans here) and rice go on top then a hefty layer of your chosen protein. At this point, the burrito-in-progress moves to the middle station where you can elect to add guac, 3 different heat levels of salsa, pico de gallo, chorizo, and sour cream. Naturally, I went for the spiciest option and pretty much everything else added on as well.

Messy but delicious!

Messy but delicious!

So for a grand total of £7, I had a beast of a burrito that required both hands to control. But from the first juicy bite I was hooked and proceeded to demolish that burrito in less than 5 minutes. When I finished, I was stuffed yet strangely craving even more of that succulent meat. Sitting here a few hours later, the Luardo burrito has earned its title of a Food Coma Lunch, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Few places do burritos quite at this level, and none with such style!

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