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Electric Donuts – Start the day with a tasty buzz!

Donuts! And even better, Electric Donuts! This small concession at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill serves up a limited selection but damn they do it well. The standard donut comes in a variety of glazes and toppings (check the website/twitter feed for the menu each day) and they also do some unique creations such as my new favourite – Pineapple Old Fashioned! More details below, but I’d suggest you get your butt over there and eat one while you read on!

Donuts just begging to be eaten!

Donuts just begging to be eaten!

This staple of Homer Simpson and Chief Wiggum was first introduced to me during 5am runs to Dunkin’ Donuts for a bit of extra energy to stay awake after an all-nighter. Actually, one of my favourite memories of high school was sitting with my friends munching through a case of chocolate doughnuts right before graduation (we were almost late because of this!).  After moving to London, I had resigned myself to the occasional Krispy Kreme and given up on the real deal. Until this past Saturday, that is, when I made the trek out to Portobello Markets to try out Electric Donuts.

Electric Donuts is tucked way just past the ticket booth for Electric Cinema near the north end of Portobello road markets. The limited menu also has a limited price – just £1.50 per donut which, while a tad higher than Krispy Kreme, is well within reason. The standard donut is a light and fluffy creation and leans more towards delicate cake rather than processed sugar overload. Granted, the various glazes and toppings will boost the sugar levels but it’s a good balance between breakfast and dessert that all donuts aspire to achieve.

Birthday cake donut

Birthday cake donut

Given that I rarely make my way across town at 10am on a Saturday, I opted to get all three donuts that were ready: the Birthday Cake, a chocolate glazed one, and the Pineapple Old-Fashioned. The Birthday Cake and chocolate glazes were based on the same standard donut but had very different flavour profiles. The Birthday Cake gives you a very light but sugary taste where you can feel your head buzzing without feeling full. The chocolate glaze donut has more depth with the bitter notes of the dark chocolate icing contrasting nicely with the sugary buzz from the chocolate sprinkles. Of the two, the chocolate was my favourite – not that that is a surprise given my chocoholic tendencies.

Chocolate icing with sprinkles!

Chocolate icing with sprinkles!

However, the Pineapple Old Fashioned one is where Electric Donuts really shined. This isn’t your standard donut but a slightly different shape and a crispy crust shielding the soft interior. The donut itself has a slightly citrus taste with a hint of sweetness. Not quite a smoky Old Fashioned (although that could be quite interesting) but you get the general idea of the drink. It’s topped with a drizzled glaze and tiny bits of caramelised pineapple which are fantastic. I think it was the hits of pineapply sweetness that really won me over and I demolished that in seconds – despite my best intentions to only have a bite or two and save the rest for my friends to try.

The fabled Pineapple Old Fashioned donut!

The fabled Pineapple Old Fashioned donut!

All in all, the visit to Electric Donuts was a great way to start a Saturday filled with food, friends, and fried chicken. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water and I’m planning on heading back this Saturday to try some more donuts and hopefully a new set of creations!

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