Drink & Dine

Beigel Bake – Best late night food. Ever.

Are you drunk and hungry? Does the idea of a greasy kebab fill you with alternating feelings of desire and nausea? Well worry no more – Beigel Bake to the rescue! To be fair, this 24/7 shop is a good idea at any time but I inevitably only find myself there after a night out in East London. And for good reason – it’s open no matter what time you stagger out of the club, the food is fresh and smells mouth-wateringly good in the way no kebab ever does, and the no-nonsense bagel slingers keep the line moving at an epic pace.

It doesn't look like much...but looks can be deceiving...

It doesn’t look like much…but check out that crowd at 3am…

So Beigel Bake (as you might have guessed) sells bagels. I had to look this up but apparently “beigel” is an acceptable alternate form of “bagel”. Actually, it’s probably the correct spelling but the US nicely changed it to be match the way it sounds as it would be too challenging for some of the population otherwise. Anyways, you can get pretty much any bagel type known to man with a variety of fillings from cream cheese and salmon, to egg & mayo, and even cheese (who has cheese on a bagel?!). However, my staple is the salt beef and spicy mustard which is just epic. And I’m not just saying that cause I’m drunk (when I eat that bagel…not now…mostly).

A whole host of freshly baked goods no matter what time

A whole host of freshly baked goods no matter what time

For £3.70, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal and I can promise that there isn’t one anywhere at 4am on a Friday night/Saturday morning. Pick your bagel, say yes to mustard, and within seconds you’ll have a neatly folded bag full of beefy bagel goodness. This is a takeaway only type of place (the few seats are always filled by old men who mock the drunk “young professionals” and hipsters that flock here each night) but feel free to tear into your food immediately. The joy is that you feast and in a minute or two you are full and happy. The salt beef is incredibly tender, impossibly moist and juicy, and flakes away in each bite. The bite of the mustard clears your head for a  little while which is just enough time to make sure you get home and the soft chewy bagel is almost worth eating on its own.

The star of the show - a salt beef stuffed bagel!

The star of the show – a salt beef stuffed bagel!

Beigel Bake, I salute you. You’ve given us the solution to drunk hunger without the usual bout of food poisoning the next day. Actually, just thinking about it makes me want one and I think I’ll be dropping by to see you tomorrow morning on my way to the fish markets!

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