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Katzenjammers – A good place for Beerfest 2!

Katzenjammers (for ease I’m calling it KJ from now in) is one of the main Bavarian Bierkellers in London – the other being the Bavarian Beer House in Aldgate. They’ve taken the term “beer cellar” literally and stuck it under ground in an insulated, poorly ventilated, basement which boasts a thick miasma of sweat and other bodily fluids. It’s not a good entrance but luckily everything looks up from there.

They stock two well known Oktoberfest beers on tap – Paulaner and Hacker Pschorr. These are the ones every tent goes knows and perhaps loves and are characterised by a slightly sweet taste and a lightly carbonated body that makes for easy drinking. In keeping with the theme, beers can be obtained in pints or steins and it’s a fairly easy guess at what most guys will order.

KJ also offers up a range of standard Bavarian foods (think meat and potatoes in various forms) so it really could be a one stop place for your casual night out. If it wasn’t for the oppressive humid atmosphere I’d be happy to stay down there, but when the weather is good take your stein and get up to street level.

Prices are fairly reasonable but don’t expect too many frills. And for you single guys (or maybe girls) out there, you can’t help but appreciate the thought process that went into making the Drindl. If there is a more flattering waitress outfit, I’m yet to see it.

Find Katzenjammers here

24 Southwark Street
London SE1 1TY
020 3417 0196



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