BurgerQuest – Lucky Chip revisited

Lucky Chip is a burger stall that has taken up a seemingly permanent residency at the Sebright Arms. This is just perfect in my view as I know I can get a steady supply of tasty LC burgers all week rather than playing burger roulette with guessing if the stall was going to be operating that weekend. They have three standard burgers (burger, cheeseburger, and the bacon cheese royale) as well as a rotating special. And that special is what makes LC, well special.

Meeting friends?

Hey, you’re in luck. The Sebright Arms is a fairly large pub with the full range of standard pub drinks so you are pretty much guaranteed to find a beverage to wet your whistle while you wait (try saying that three times fast). In fact, it’s probably a wise idea to stake out a spot as the place can fill up, particularly if there is a gig on upstairs that night. And since you need a seat to get a burger.

What to eat?

Well I hope you want a burger because otherwise you’ll be a bit stuck for alternatives. Lucky Chip’s burgers are based around a soft white bun and a large beefy patty bursting with flavour. They cook the meat medium rare as standard but will make it a little more well done if you so desire.

I’ve had the standard offerings and they are good, but it’s the specials that really make LC stand out as a burger offering. Of all the specials, my favourite is definitely the Bill Murray. This is the standard cheeseburger topped with a sticky chilli and ginger sauce and a full deep fried soft shell crab.  The sweetness of the crab, the spiciness of the sauce, and the meaty foundation of the burger is a brilliant trifecta of tastes that is near impossible to beat. You also get some layered textures from the crunchy crab, tender meat, and soft bun (which at this point is saturated with juices). This is by all standards a messy burger but gloriously so.

As far as sides, you can opt for a couple version of fries (I prefer the spicy option) and some wings (not bad, but need more heat).

It’s worth noting that you order at the bar and pay for food and drink at one go rather than having to place separate orders (ahem, Black Heart!) which is just a pain.

What to drink?

Drinks, of course, are whatever you feel like getting from the pub so plenty to choose from. I usually go with an good stout as it seems to pair nicely. I’ll make an effort to pay more attention to the beer/ale selection next time and update with some more information.

Worth the dosh?

Definitely. For a max of £10-12 for the special you will leave stuffed and satisfied. Add on a drink and share some fries and you’ve got a full delicious meal for around £15 which isn’t too shabby. As far as burgers go, it’s one of the larger offerings in London which enhances the value for money proposition.

Find Lucky Chip here

Sebright Arms

31-35 Coate St

London E2 9AG

020 7729 0937


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