BurgerQuest – Patty & Bun

Patty & Bun. I dream that one day I’ll come up with a suitably witty name for a business and then hopefully be able to provide a burger as good as these guys. Starting off in a food stall at some markets, they quickly became a regular at FEAST, Street Feast, and now at their own place in the West End.

I was lucky enough to find them at the first FEAST which excited me to no end. For Feast, they offered up two choices: The Ari Gold and the Smokey Robinson. I had to go for the smoky option and was definitely not disappointed.

Meeting friends?

Your best bet is to pick one of the pubs in the area for a pre-burger pint. However, keep in mind that the restaurant only have about 30 or so covers and there are no reservations so it might make sense to grab a beer at wait in line if you have a big group. Otherwise, the Spread Eagle nearby isn’t too shabby and has some reasonable priced pints to sip on while you wait for those stragglers.

What to eat?

The Smokey Robinson is a masterpiece boasting a beef patty topped with cheese, tomato, lettuce, “mounds of caramelised onions”, bacon, ketchup, and smokey P&B mayo all piled onto a brioche bun. That’s a whole lot of toppings and makes for a monster burger when you consider the patty itself is in the region of a  to 1/3 of a pound.

It’s simply delicious. The top-quality beef burger provides a full meaty flavour that fills your mouth and rolls seductively over your tongue. The sharp salty notes of the bacon and the sweetness of the onions leave you salivating for the next bite and the smokey P&B adds that woody, fresh off the grill, taste that is one of best spices for meat nature ever created. The brioche bun functions perfectly to trap any escaping juices and has enough starchy strength to hold together to the last bite.

It took an incredible force of will to share with my friend and my mouth still waters to this day for my next P&B burger. In fact, it still works that way even though I’ve been back a few times to try out the Ari Gold (love the namesake) but the Smokey Robinson is still my favourite. Next time I’ll try this chili one called Jose.

And something to wash it down?

Well I don’t know why you’d want to wash the taste of that delicious burger out of your mouth, but if you insist then they do have a few beers and such available. I honestly can’t remember much more than that given we were there after the Monopoly pub crawl and our brains were a little…fuzzy.

Worth the dosh?

Yes, it definitely is. For under a tenner you’d be hard pressed to find a better burger and the staff are brilliant. You can also aim for takeaway if the lines look too long which is an added bonus. If only they included fries in that…

Find Patty & Bun here

54 James Street

London W1U 1HE

020 7487 3188

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