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Rinkoff Bakeries – Baking treats for over 100 years

The first stop on the crawl by virtue of being the first one open was Rinkoff Bakeries. Opened in 1911, this family run bakery has been serving up some quality goods for over 100 years. In fact, Jen Rinkoff was on hand that morning and was wrapping up our pastries to go – I only realised who she was after talking to a fellow early riser outside. This guy has been going to Rinkoff for the past 30 years and credited the raisin danish as the reason for his loyalty. He was kind enough to share some of that Danish with us and I’ve got to concur – that’s a damn good pastry.

How do I find this place?

The bakery has two locations, one on Vallance Road and one of Jubilee St, with the Jubilee St being the place the cro-doughs (Rinkoff’s take on the cronut) are made. It’s a little misleading with the actual shop being in a little square just past the end of Jubilee St, but when you walk in all that goes out the window. There are delicious looking pastries everywhere and a mouth-watering smell of baking bread wafting in from the bakery behind the shop. You are greeted with a smile and instantly feel at home – and ready to eat!

So many choices! What to eat?

There are indeed almost too many choices to be had but you can rest assured you’ll find something you like. I’m planning on a return visit shortly to sample some more items, but for today we’re looking just as those delightful cro-doughs taking center stage.

Rinkoff makes three toppings for the cro-dough at the moment: raspberry, custard, and fresh cream with chocolate chunks. But first, let’s talk about the cro-dough base. This one is doughnut shaped and coloured and has a crispy, flaky outer layer as one would expect from a croissant. The interior, however, is soft and fluffy and everything a doughnut should be. Yes, this is exactly what I envisioned a cronut to be and I dare say its better designed and executed that the original.

Toppings wise, while all are good the raspberry is the standout. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the silky custard and the light airy fresh cream, but the tartness of the raspberry coulis contrasting the sweetness of the pastry was perfect. Plus, it’s a delight on the eyes with a couple of artfully arranged fresh raspberries garnishing your cro-dough.

Worth the dosh?

At £2.50 a cro-dough, these were the best value ones on the crawl. And they are good – especially when fresh – and worth the early morning alarm. Plus, unlike their NYC counterparts, you don’t have to wait 2 hours in line. All in all – definitely a win.

Find Rinkoff Bakery here

224 Jubilee Street
London E1 3BS
020 7791 4909

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