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Top Ten – London Burgers

I’m always on the search for the best burger. There is something about the perfect combination of bread, meat, cheese, veggies, and some special extra element that makes me salivate and keep going for more. Here are my current top picks and I’ll update as and when a new champ comes onto the scene.

1. Patty & Bun – Smokey Robinson. At my first FEAST, I grabbed a Smokey Robinson from P&B to start snacking on whilst waiting for a friend to show up. Within seconds I had devoured this hefty burger and bbq sauce combination with its delicious smokey and sweet notes supported by the beefiness of the patty. The demi-brioche bun did a remarkable job of holding up under the assault of the juices and for the first time I found myself unwilling to share. It’s that good. I’ve since visited the permanent restaurant near Bond Street for more epic burgers and this is undoubtedly my favourite place at the moment.

2. Mother Flipper – Double Bacon Candy burger. I made my way down to Brockley Market to try out the fabled bacon candy burger and I’m damn glad I did. Every part of this burger from the smashed rare beef patty to the maple glazed bacon was perfectly executed and seasoned. The sweet and salty bacon pairs well with the depth of the meaty flavour of the patty and the sweet bun was the icing on the cake. This is easily worth the trip down south and justifies a burger for breakfast.

3. Lucky Chip – The Bill Murray. I was a fan from the first standard bacon cheeseburger I had from these guys at FEAST, but what really set them at the top for me was the Bill Murray Special. The LC beef patty is topped with a sticky chilli and ginger sauce and a whole deep fried soft shell crab. It’s a messy one, but defines the term finger licking good.

5. Soho Kitchen & Bar – Single cheeseburger with bacon. Formerly known as the Soho Diner, this place has one of the most decadent cheeseburgers in town. It’s simply made but excellently executed and they give you an extra patty as a bonus so a single is really a double.

5. Bleecker St – Double cheeseburger. Two thick juicy patties of prime A beef coarsely ground and carefully shaped by hand are sandwiched by gooey melted cheese and a encased in a soft white bun. The meat melts in your mouth but provides just enough resistance to add a layer a texture to each bite and balance the creaminess of the cheese. I’m a demi-brioche man normally, but I was quite impressed with how well the bun held together despite the amount of meat juice that was leaking out of my burger. The double blue with onions is another star offering.

6. Honest Burger – Louisiana True Blood Special. HB does some pretty damn good burgers and even better rosemary chips, but the start of the show has got to be the HB True Blood-inspired special burger. The best part is the bloody mary ketchup which was so delicious I could have eaten it straight with a spoon.

7. Tommi’s – Steak burger. Undoubtedly the best value burger you can get in London and even better with sauces. My personal pick is the steak burger with béarnaise sauce. It’s rich as hell but worth each bite.

8. Burger Bear – Grizzly Bear. This is your classic Bear topped with double oak smoked bacon and a healthy dose of bacon jam. Yes, that’s right, bacon jam. It’s a special concoction developed by Tom and gives a great sweet, spicy, and just a little salty backing to the burger. Combined with a tender beef patty and some lightly pickled veggies, it’s a great combination of smoky bacon, sweet bacon jam, and acidic veggies all balanced incredibly well.

9. Dip’n’Flip – The Dip’n’Flip burger combines a pretty tasty burger, some thinly sliced lamb, and a meaty jus in one tidy package. It’s deceptively moreish and is one of those burgers that puts you at risk of eating until you explode. A side of chips with chicken salt rounds it out nicely.

10. Kimchi Cult – Kimchi Cult Special. Kimchi Cult caught my eye one rainy day when I was wandering through a Japanese/Korean festival on Southbank. The meaty patty mixed with the tangy kimchi (made in house) was the perfect balance of flavours. The Korean BBQ wings and the bulgogi fries they serve up at their Black Heart Camden residency is just icing on the cake.

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