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Ayres the Bakers – Continuing the Cronut Crawl

We started the cronut crawl on Sunday (although one might argue it was started a few weeks ago in NYC) and the response has been fantastic. Almost too good actually as I’ve started learning about other bakeries putting out their version of the cronut. It wouldn’t be fair to give them a miss just because we didn’t hear about them in time, so @beckyhong and I have been making the effort to visit them in turn.

Check out Round 1 (Rinkoff, Wild & Coffee, Duck & Waffle, and Kooky Bakes) and Round 2 (Astons Breads, Ayres the Bakers, Kooky Bakes revisited, and Cocomaya) of the crawl so far with Round 3 (Aubaine, Rinkoff’s new flavour, and The Crumbery) coming up soon.

The next on the list was Ayres the Bakers down in Peckham which was brought to my attention by the lovely @ladypingping and I dragged myself out of bed at 6am this morning for a quick ride down to the bakery.

How do I find this place?

The bakery is on Nunhead Lane/Evelina Road and it’s a breeze to find. How? Seriously just follow your nose! I could smell the delicious aromas of baked goods about half a mile away and it just served to make me hungrier and hungrier as I rode up. FYI fellow cyclists, there are a couple of bike stands right in front so no worries about finding a place to lock up while you duck in for fresh pastries.

So many choices! What to eat?

As with all good bakeries, there are more items on offer than you can eat – that being said it’s tempting to give it a go and stuff everything down your gullet. At 6.15am, they are still rolling out the fresh baked goods although the range of cookies and cupcakes are already there to tempt you. Although a tray of fresh almond croissants was pretty distracting, I managed to focus and ask about the reason for my trip: Ayres custard cronut.

I was in luck as they were quite literally just putting the finishing touches on them and the delightful lady at the counter ducked into the back and packed four of them into a box for me. The cronuts are doughnut shaped with clearly defined flaky layers of pastry and dusted with a deliciously unhealthy amount of powdered sugar and stuffed with a  very generous amount of custard.

The cronut was light and fluffy as all good cronuts should be and the custard fresh with hints of vanilla. And it’s massive, easily the biggest cronut in London that I’ve tried so far. Despite the blanket of powdered sugar, it wasn’t too sweet which means it makes a perfect breakfast pastry – so I proceeded to demolish one myself for brekkers.

Worth the dosh?

At £1.30 a cronut, these are the new best value ones on the crawl. While I still prefer Rinkoff’s raspberry cronut, these are just a hair over half the price and are perfect if you feel like spoiling your work colleagues with some morning treats.

Find Ayres the Bakers here

131-133 Evelina Road
London SE15 3HB

020 7639 0648

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