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Duck & Waffle – It’s all in the name

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Duck & Waffle towers about the rest of London both in terms of location (it’s on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower) and its signature dish – the duck & waffle. It’s a bit of a posh place – you’ll need to be dressed well enough to get past the guardians of the ground floor – but with a relaxed atmosphere. And even better, it claims to be open 24/7 which makes it the ideal spot to bring your night to a classy end with some gourmet eats and drinks.

Meeting friends?

D&W does have a good looking bar before the main seating area which you can get up to without a reservation. You also have the Sushi Samba bar one floor below (keep in mind this isn’t 24/7) which has a great range of cocktails and an outdoor terrace if the weather is favourable – you know, for those few nights a year when it doesn’t rain.

Alternatively, the Drift bar is part of the ground floor of the Heron tower and a great place to relax with a pint. Or for a lower key start, grab some shots at Dirty Dick’s down the road.

What to eat?

Naturally, you’ve got to get the duck & waffle. Now I’d always try out a signature dish (it’s the best of the menu, right?) but in this case I’d keep going back for it no matter what. I admit, I was sceptical when I first heard of this upscale version of the southern comfort food, but damn they do it well here. The duck confit is all tender juicy flesh with crispy skin and the waffle is perfectly cooked with a sharp crunchy crust with a fluffy interior that drinks in the accompanying maple syrup. The combination of sweet waffle and savoury duck is a brilliant mix that I’d go for every time. And there is something about waffles that draws your inner child out to play and conjures up fond memories of Eggo toaster waffles.

We also tried the crispy fried pig ears which are a great snack – something different for munching on while watching the game and I’m thinking I may make some for my next poker night. And while we’re on alternative foods, I also had the dossant a couple of weeks ago when I ran the first cronut crawl. Check out my thoughts on the dossant (and cronuts in general) here.


Granted, at this point we’d had more than our fair share of drinks but the bar is pretty hard to resist. I opted for a Sazerac which was perfectly balanced and deadly in potency. It’s easy to drink, doesn’t taste of booze (beyond the flavour of whiskey), and sweet enough to be moreish. A very dangerous yet delicious combination!

The wine selection is pretty decent too and I’ll have to give it a go next time. Sadly, D&W doesn’t have the large terrace that Sushi Samba below it can claim so there were no drinks under the stars.

Worth the dosh?

At £17, the duck & waffle is a pricey option but worth it as a treat. The pig ears were £5 and an excellent value snack. I’ll have to come back at a more reasonable time to test out the rest of the menu but all in all you are looking at something that’s good for a treat once in a while but a bit too much for a regular stop. Unless of course you are a city boy/girl in which case I’m free to join you for dinner if you are paying!

Find Duck & Waffle here

40th Floor
Heron Tower
110 Bishopsgate
London EC2N 4AY

020 3640 7310


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2 thoughts on “Duck & Waffle – It’s all in the name

  1. Back to the Duck and Waffle! As soon as my student loan comes in, I’m heading straight here for that dossant! Also the security guards were really nice to us, and that’s a treat in itself haha.
    I agree about the terrace, I wish there was one – but I’ve not heard good things about Sushi Samba…not that I’ve ever been.

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