#BurgerWeek Day 1: Tongue’n’Cheeks Trick or Treat Heartbreaker Cheesy Burger

The first stop was @Kerb’s Halloween Hellraiser located in a disused yard in KX around the corner from Grain Store. Apparently it will be shortly turned into a Waitrose but for now @Kerb has found a far better use for the space.

TnC was on site with their usual line up and had joined forces with @theribman to create a “Trick or Treat Heartbreaker Cheesy Burger”. It’s a mouthful to say and to eat and I just had to have one. Basically, you head up there, hand over your cash, and then pick one of three colours: Red, Green, or Blue. Each colour corresponds to a different Rib Man sauce (I think limited to Holy F*ck, Holy Mother of God, and Christ on a Bike – no special Naga/Scorpion blends to burn you here). They then inject the sauce into the patty leaving you with something that oozes and burns with each bite – and instead of sending you running for the doctor, you’ll find yourself lining up for another round.

I opted for “Red” which I’m pretty sure was Holy F*ck and possibly the best combination. It had enough heat to take the burger up a notch but not so much as to obscure the rich juicy flavours from TnC’s signature aged beef and ox heart patty. I’m fairly sure I devoured that in less than a minute while beating off @Alexshebar with a stick (although to be fair he did share his Hell Bao from @bao_london).

The minor glitch was the bun – it was a perfectly fine seeded roll but could have used a bit more time on the grill to warm up it. If only I could marry the TnC patty with Mother Flipper’s bun I’d be in burger heaven. Still, a great way to start #Burgerweek and it set the tone for the days to come.

As a quick note, the Philly Cheese Steak Sub from TnC is another winner with an overabundance of well flavoured meat on a soft roll. It’s far superior to anything I tried in Philly and possibly the best option in London.

And another quick note: The Hell Bao made me a believer in the brilliance that is @bao_london. The perfectly steamed squid ink bun was a stark contrast to the brilliant colours of the minced pork and chillies. It went down a treat although I was slightly hesitant accepting anything from zombie kabuki dolls – great costumes and even better food. Well done Bao!

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