#BurgerWeek – Just another excuse to gorge on burgers

It’s no surprise to any of you that I love a good burger, a fact that @bleeckerburger hasn’t missed as Zan keeps challenging me to take on another of her insane and delicious creations. This has hit a new peak with a number of catch-ups with friends and general merriment leading to a week of burgers. Therefore, I dub this collection of days #Burgerweek!

The plan is as follows:

Day 1: Tongue’n’Cheeks Trick or Treat Burger. This is TnC’s Heartbreaker burger injected with one of the The Rib Man’s special hot sauces – the trick is that you don’t know which one you’ll get!

Day 2: Psychic Burger’s Psychic Burger. One of Dalston’s newest burger joints, the reviews so far claim it will blow your mind.

Day 3: Bleecker St’s Blue Burger. Bleecker has long been a favourite of mine and no burger week would be complete without it.

Day 4: Dirty Burger. In fact, rumors abound of a Breaking Bad themed burger in the works. This failed so it became a BYOB – Build Your Own Burger. I’ve got plans to drop by Porterford Butchers near Mansion House for lunch and Google’s event at Queen of Hoxton for venison burgers and fireworks.

Day 5: Patty & Bun. P&B was the first burger trader I stalked in order to try them out. Much easier now they have permanent digs.

Day 6: It was supposed to be Lucky Chip, but their Breaking Bad menu ended earlier to I ended up back at Patty & Bun at the Night Tales Launch.

Day 7: Rotary Bar & Grill. The Roller Disco burger was one of the outstanding options at #NationalBurgerDay so it’s only right to include this one here.

I’ll keep you updated as it happens and we’ll aim to make it through the week without succumbing to heart attacks. And if you fancy joining in, hit me up on twitter (@motleyspicer) and we’ll make it happen!

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