#Burgerweek Day 3: Bleecker St Blue Burger

Ever since Bleecker St first popped onto the scene a couple of years ago, I’ve been a fan. So no burger week would be complete without a visit to this sleek black burger truck slinging NYC-style burgers. In the past, I’ve taken down the double cheeseburger, a double bacon blue burger, and of course the monstrous quadruple chilli bacon cheeseburger (with a little help from my friends).

BSB Blue Burger

BSB Blue Burger

This time, the gf and I opted to be healthy and went for a short 5k run along the river before hunting down BSB on Southbank for a well deserved bite. When going for a single burger, the BSB Blue is possible the best choice with the coarsely ground beef providing a depth of meaty flavour that can stand up to the sharp powerful nature of the blue cheese. The bun is also well up to absorbing the overflow of juices and holds together to the last bite (which takes less than a minute to reach since you can’t stop eating).

My only gripe on this is that I’d like more blue cheese but I bet if I remember to ask next time, Zan and the crew will be more than happy to help out. Damn, now I’m hungry for one of those…

Find my original review of BSB here

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