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#Burgerweek Day 4: Dirty Burger Fail, Queen of Hoxton & Google Local London to the rescue

Day 4 was supposed to be the Bacon Bad burger from Dirty Burger but unfortunately, despite being told on Twitter this was an all day thing, the burger hadn’t arrived at the Vauxhall location by 12.15pm. So I missed out and it crushed my burger craving. In all fairness, props to the guys there who offered me a card for a free burger next time I drop in to compensate me for the wasted trip – that’s great customer care that makes me still want to go back.

Instead I tried a couple of alternatives including a burger from my local butcher (Porterford butchers) and a venison burger from Queen of Hoxton as part of the Google Local London City Experts Winter Warmer (that’s one helluva event title). The Porterford burger was a bit of a let down as it wasn’t the bone marrow and beef burger I’ve been eyeing in the raw meat section for ages. I’ll have to grab one later and cook it myself as the marbled meat looks amazing.

The Google Local event was great fun with the Queen of Hoxton lighting up the big grill on the terrace and cooking up some delicious venison burgers and sausages. The mulled wine and spiced cider was free flowing and there were plenty of marshmallows to toast around the open fires dotted about the terrace. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to see much of the fireworks (damn you skyscrapers of London) but I had a great time chatting with some of the other City Experts. The conversation ranged from the best burritos in London (@Luardos still gets my vote) to one girl sharing an experience of snowboarding down an active volcano – just goes to show nothing is quite out of reach.

But back to the burger – it was a bit overdone for my tastes but the rich gamey venison flavour remained intact and paired nicely with an onion chutney on offer. I wouldn’t have picked the Queen of Hoxton for a decent burger, and while it’s not my favourite, it’s not a bad choice for a pre-drinking meal that you can get without having to leave that epic terrace over East London.

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