BurgerQuest: Dip & Flip Signature Burger

I rarely seem to make my way down past Clapham anymore, but I’d heard about a new burger joint called Dip & Flip to try out. So when the gf decided to spend the day camping out for a BSB (that’s Backstreet Boys, not Bleecker St Burger sadly) concert, I headed down for a burger lunch to reward myself for the morning cycle ride.

Dip & Flip does something a little different with the signature burger combining the best of a beef patty and a French dip sandwich. It’s a fairly no frills place with clean polished wood in a light and airy setting. The staff are top notch from the vivacious brunette who took my order (and explained the menu as well as the chicken salt from OZ) to the stylish shaggy haired guy who runs the place but isn’t above rolling up his sleeves to wait on tables. It’s a place you could easily while away an afternoon with good food and banter – in fact I may pop down this weekend to try the poutine and get some writing done!

DIp & Flip menu

Meeting friends?

Given it’s located just off Northcote Road, you’ve got a bunch of places to meet for a drink from cheap shots at Vodka Revs near Clapham Junction to a range of brew at the Draft House. Dip & Flip also have a decent range of beers, wines and spirits on offer so you could easily chill with a bottle while you wait. There is limited seating (maybe 25 covers in total) and no reservations so keep in mind you may need to wait a bit during peak times.

How about that burger?

The Dip & Flip burger is a smashed beef patty topped with a melted gooey cheese and sandwiched between a brioche bun. Oh, and in case that wasn’t enough, you also get to choose between beef or lamb which is thinly sliced, dipped in jus, and piled on top of the patty. A small bowl of jus is provided if you fancy dipping the whole thing in for added flavour. Do it! The bun manages to absorb all the burger juices and still have room for a bit of jus for that extra meaty bite.

Dip & Flip Signature burger

Dip & Flip Signature burger with sliced lamb

I admit, I was a bit concerned at my patty being darkly seared and cooked medium – too often this means a dry burger – but the meat was juicy and flavourful so I tip my hat (or helmet in this case) to the grill master. Each mouthful was full of flavour and a great balance of textures between the seared patty, soft bun, and flaky sliced lamb. My only gripe was that the lamb flavour seemed a bit washed out – but it may have just been over powered by the beef.

Sides are really a choice between fries with chicken salt and poutine (all ingredients made in-house). I went for the chicken salt fries, having heard about this magical seasoning from my Aussie friends for years, and saved the poutine for the next visit with the girl. Chicken salt is a mix of salt, chilli powder (maybe cayenne), and likely a few other spices which makes it a perfect topping on piping hot crispy fries. Definitely a win for Dip & Flip here although next time I’m ordering the fries with extra chicken salt.

Dip & Flip burger with chicken salt fries and jus

Dip & Flip burger with chicken salt fries and jus

All that salt making you thirsty?

No worries, Dip & Flip has you covered with a small but fully stocked bar. I went for the more sensible option and grabbed a Ting – a grapefruit soda – which I was then told was only stocked because the owners liked it. I applaud the stocking decision there!

Worth the dosh?

Yes, it’s a tad pricey at £15 for the meal but for the quality and service you can’t really get much better in this town. The burger clocked in at £10, the fries at £3, and a pound fifty for the Ting. Given I enjoyed the whole experience, I’m more than happy to revisit and shell out the cash rather than save a few quid and regret my choice.

I’m aiming to head back soon to try the Green Chilli Burger and see how it compares to its counterpart at MEATMission as well as the French dip style sandwiches. Oh, and the poutine of course.

Find Dip & Flip here

87 Battersea Rise
London, SW11 1HW


Twitter: @DipFlippo

Email: info@dipandflip.co.uk

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