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TMS Tips: Drink Feast, Ape & Bird, and Ember Yard

A few things for those of you looking for something to do over the next week. Drink Feast docks near Hoxton for three days, Ape & Bird (Russell Norman’s new venture) is serving up some pretty damn good eats near Leicester Square, and Ember Yard has just kicked off their soft open.

Drink Feast

It’s all in the name. This is a market of sorts as we’re used to seeing with Street Feast, Feast, Hawker House, and of course Night Tales – with one key difference. Instead of the focus being on food, this time the cocktails take centre stage.

The full round up can be found on the website, but of particular interest is Callooh Callay (currently ranked as the 11th best bar in the world I think), Rum Kitchen, and Nola. Ticket prices are £12, £18, and £24 which include entry plus 1, 2, or 3 cocktails respectively. Given that the bars on hand typically sell cocktails for £8-12, its not a bad deal to get the triple drink special for £24!

Drink Feast runs from Dec 12-14 and is located at Hoxton Docks, just a bit north east of Hoxton overground.

Ape & Bird

I lucked out and managed to snag at table at Russell Norman and Richard Beatty’s newest spot, Ape & Bird. While the name still confuses me (although since RN has taken Ape as part of his twitter handle, I can only assume the bird is RB’s), the food is quite simply excellent. It’s styled as a pub for people who don’t like pubs, and in this it excels. The burger is messy but delicious and the sprouts are game changing. I hate sprouts, but A&B’s are somehow pretty tasty.

Check out  my full review here or head over to A&B at 142 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8HJ.

Ember Yard

I recently heard that the Salt Yard Group was opening a new place focused around grilled meats and charcuterie. Naturally, they named it Ember Yard and the soft open is currently in full swing. Tables available to be booked are mostly all gone but you may get lucky. Walk in might be possible, but I’ve found that soft opens tend to be reservations only (granted Ape & Bird was an exception) to manage numbers.

Check out the website here to check for any free spaces. It’s located at 60 – 61 Berwick Street, London, W1F 8SU so a pretty central location all around.

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