Crawl Line up: Classy Christmas Cocktail Crawl

A couple of weeks ago, I led a merry group of Yelpers, bloggers, and all around alcoholics on a crawl – something which has become a bit of an annual tradition. As most of my crawls do, this one started as a joke on a drunken night out, but quickly snowballed into a full day adventure requiring several days of planning. Still, the experience was worth the prep work and there was much rejoicing.

You may have guessed from the name, but this was a slightly different tack than most crawls and a far cry from the breathless sprint of last year’s revised Monopoly Pub Crawl. We were going to be classy which meant shirts, suits, and dresses all naturally in a Christmas theme. And rather than a long line up of pubs, I’d selected a few choice cocktail bars and – wait of it – even made reservations at all of them!

The bars we hit were:

  1. Jackson + Rye (@jacksonrye) – New kid on the block for a boozy brunch
  2. Kettners (@kettnerslondon) – Classic champagne and cocktail bar from the 1800s
  3. Graphic Bar (@graphicbar) – An old favourite with a wide array of refreshing gins
  4. MASH London (@mashsteaklondon) – Danish steakhouse with a bar that’s the equal of their meat
  5. London Cocktail Club Shaftesbury (@LDNcocktailclub) – For a brilliant happy hour and a pirate ship cocktail
  6. Steam & Rye (@steamandrye) – Prohibition style bar with plenty of fine booze
  7. Duck & Waffle (@duckandwaffle) – Where else to finish but cocktails on top of the City?

Our group started with 10 hardy drinkers and actually grew to a full 16 by the end. Reviews for each place will be up soonish (as soon as I can write them!). Thanks to the various places for hosting us, to all who turned up, and especially to @janan_jay for her expert cocktail advice!

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