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Yelp Time Traveler’s Ball – Epic night of drinks, treats, and entertainment

We’ve seen some pretty cool events hosted by Alex S, the Yelp London Community Director, but the Time Traveler’s Ball will be bloody hard to top. Several hundred Yelpers, bloggers, and general merrymakers descended on the Grosvenor Square Marriott hotel for a truly epic party which showcased a ridiculous amount of drinks and sweets including London favorites Brewdog and new entrants Harry Brompton, the ever tasty Bea’s of Bloomsbury and Yummy Boutique, and even some snacks from Roti Chai and Big Apple Hot Dogs.

Oh, and did I mention the special Elite VIP lounge hosted by Opihr Gin and Wandering Chef UK? That place had delicious G&Ts and treats both edible and visual.

It was a great evening of entertainment thanks to Grosvenor Casinos (blackjack and roulette – sadly not for real cash), HotelTonight’s Sumo Wrestling, and a couple of pretty stellar DJs. I enjoyed catching up with old Yelp and blogger friends and making a bunch of new ones. Although with the sheer number of people, it was a bit overwhelming and dare I say near impossible to remember names so my apologies in advance!

Yes, it was an awesome night, but I’d not feel right without a quick round up review of what I remember trying.


Roti Chai – Tasty Indian treats focused on chaat and chickpeas. Always a popular snack and the line quickly grew to epic proportions.

Big Apple Hot Dogs – Every time these guys come to an event, they sell out before the half way point. That’s not because they don’t bring the goods (there was more sausage than anyone’s wildest dreams) but a testament to just how tasty the dogs are. We’re not talking your frozen pink and slightly slimy franks – these are the real deal.

Sunshine Kitchen – Another Indian inspired vendor, these guys focus on the veggie options with veggie samosas and even a tofu burger which was surprisingly tasty.


Brewdog – The ever popular beer brewer was on hand with cases upon cases of Punk IPA. Not my favorite as I prefer the dark options (Tokyo and the Penguin), but still a crowd pleaser with its crisp hoppy taste.

Harry Brompton – These are fairly new kids on the block with the first batch of their alcoholic iced tea being made September 2013. At 4% ABV, it’s not going to get you hammered fast but the sweet tea flavor is delicious and you can easily make your way through the better part of a case. They’ll be stocking in Waitrose soon so it will be fairly easy to get your hands on some.

Jameson – The popular Irish whiskey was there serving some cracking cocktails. I’d love to tell you what was in it but quite honestly it was all a bit fuzzy.


Bea’s of Bloomsbury – You’ve probably found your way to one of their four locations around town and if you haven’t – well what’s wrong with you? The bubbly Gu (like the dessert as she explains) had brought along a full range of treats and having had all at various events I can vouch for the tastiness. I think I even spotted a few Townies which is one of Bea’s signature creations.

Yummy Boutique – These mini-cupcake-teers as spectacular with a wide range of creative flavor combinations built around very moist mini cupcake bases. I imagine they make larger versions but the mini ones are the perfect size to munch on. In fact I wish I could get my hands on an assorted set for the afternoon now.

I’m certain I tried more things, but with my head still a bit clouded from the shenanigans of last night I can’t quite recall the details. Ah but I’d be remiss in not mentioning the final bit where we piled into a white cab photo booth brought along by @shoutaboutldn to take a ton of silly photos. My apologies for anyone in the area trying to get some sleep as I’m sure we were all drunkenly loud.

All in all, a great event and yet another pretty damn good incentive to join Yelp!

One thought on “Yelp Time Traveler’s Ball – Epic night of drinks, treats, and entertainment

  1. Hmmm. Not gonna lie, I think we have a different idea of what the word moist means. The cupcake I had was really dry and the icing was sickly sweet. (Erica kind of felt the same about hers. She made Daniel finish it.) Maybe I chose the wrong one.

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