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BurgerQuest: Mother Flipper

Mother Flipper was suggested as something approximating a US burger and since it’s only 4 miles from my house I thought I’d give it a go one fine Saturday morning. Yes that’s right, I had a burger for breakfast. And it was good.

Food: ★★★★★  Service: ★★★ Atmosphere: ★★★☆☆ Value: ★★★ Overall: ★★★

So where is it? 

The boys behind Mother Flipper set up shop at Brockley Market (the logo is a broccoli floret surprise surprise) and they seem to have built a following. From the facebook page, I noted that waits can be up to an hour (the grill is fairly small so I believe it) and in order to avoid it I endeavored to be there at 10am when they opened. I got there at 10.01 and was already the 2nd in line. Go figure.

Mother Flipper: Bacon Candy burger

Mother Flipper: Bacon Candy burger

What about the burgers?

The signature burger is the double bacon candy cheeseburger. What is bacon candy you say? Well you take some proper streaky bacon and caramelize in brown sugar. The meat patties are handmade and about a quarter inch thick but you get two of them so it’s a hefty burger. The buns are soft and potentially brioche but it was hard to stop eating to tell. I did manage to get a couple of pictures but that’s all I could wait for.

The meat is tender and juicy although slightly over done for my tastes. I think maybe it was left on just a bit too long while they prepped the burger (they weren’t quite set up by the time I was there and ordering). The sauce they put on was tomato based but when mixed with the sweetness of the candy bacon turned into a honey bbq type which was delicious. No complaints on the cheese although it’s just basic cheddar me thinks.

Mother Flipper: Bacon Candy burger

Mother Flipper: Bacon Candy burger

Be warned, take lots of paper towel as it’s a messy burger. You will get it all over your hands and face without a doubt.

Worth the trip?

Yep, in fact it’s one of the main reasons I head down to Brockley Market on the weekend. And for around £6 it’s a great value proposition. Plus the bun is without a doubt the best bun in town – and no surprise the keep the secret of who the baker is close to their chests.

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