New Opening: Burger Pit London

Food: ★★★ Service: ★★★ Atmosphere: ★★☆☆ Value: ★★★ Overall: ★★★

Burger Pit is the latest in the burger shops to open in the Capital and sticks with a simple menu of four offerings: Burger, Steak Burger, Veggie Burger, and a Hot Dog. Food is served in red plastic fast food baskets and the décor is Spartan at best. Yet the staff are welcoming, the kitchen crew quick and capable, and the burgers themselves are fairly tasty. Since they are currently running a 50% off deal for their soft open, there isn’t any good excuse not to get yourself down there for a bite.

A more detailed menu

A more detailed menu

Meeting friends?

Look, this is a city joint so you are probably popping in for lunch with co-workers in which case the office lobby is just fine for you. On the off chance you aren’t, try Steam & Rye down the road for a classy cocktail or one of the pubs/wine bars in Leadenhall Market for a cheeky pint.

What about the food?

Yes, there is a limited menu but that is a positive thing. Fewer choices allows for greater time and focus on honing the grill skill of the kitchen and despite being barely two days into operation, they guys know their stuff. My co-worker and I opted for the steak burger (at 50% off it was too good to resist) which came out within 5 minutes wrapped in greaseproof paper. The bun was nicely toasted, the burger grilled to a pink medium, and a reasonable amount of salad and sauce was on top. Actually, that’s a point worth noting – for once the burger was perfectly topped with enough for flavour and crunch without being messy. I do enjoy a good messy burger (thinking of P&B), but when you’re heading back to work the last thing you need is a smear of sauce on your shirt.

Steak burger unwrapped

Steak burger unwrapped

Taste-wise, the beef patty was good but could have used a dash more salt. I’d have also liked a slice of cheese but failed to notice that it was on the board as a side. I think that might be a fairly common miss and it would be great if the staff could check when you order. The bun wasn’t anything special but held together well – I prefer the sweetness of a brioche bun but can’t fault Burger Pit’s offering. I’d put it slightly above Shake Shack and 5 guys but below Tommi’s and Patty & Bun.

Size-wise, the burger is average for London and roughly the size of a softball. It’s not going to leave you stuffed but more than adequate for a lunch.

Steak burger - nicely medium rare

Steak burger – nicely medium rare

Special note of the fries which were crisp with clean flavours and perfectly salted with a crisp crust. I demolished my side of fries and about half of my co-workers.

How about drinks?

Burger Pit hasn’t got their alcohol license yet but that’s expected to be obtained soon. At the moment drinks are limited to soft drinks and water from a fridge near the till (reminds me of Tommi’s) and served in cans. They do have a few things outside the normal range including a Cherry Tango and nearly every flavour of Fanta under the sun.

Worth the dosh?

At full price I would struggle with the steak burger meal (including fries and a can of soda) which rings in at £14.50. The regular burger (and veggie burger) meal comes in at £10 and the dog is the cheapest at £9. You can also get the burger alone with the regular being £6.50 and the steak burger a whopping £11.

Looking at it, I’d probably return for a cheeseburger (cheese is an extra 30p) for just under £7 as a Friday treat but pass on the drink and fries. It’s more than enough for lunch (grab a soda from the vending machine) and reasonably priced albeit on the upper end of my lunch budget.

The steak burger seems over-priced at £11 when Tommi’s is £9 and you can get an epic one at Bar Boulud (in much fancier digs) for £12. That being said, given the dearth of burgers in the city I’m quite glad to see a pretty damn decent burger being offered just a few minutes from work.

Find Burger Pit here

106 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A 4AA


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