Burgerquest: Bukowski Grill Box Park

It was time for another burgerquest, and Bukowski Grill’s Box Park location was just the ticket. A quick glance at the menu online revealed a handful of intriguing options plus the ability to build up a burger from scratch. Given that it was Box Park, seating was extremely limited inside but they guided us to grab a seat on the outdoor tables and relax with a beer under the heat lamps. The staff were friendly and quirky, and it’s fairly impressive how they manage to serve up so many burgers from a kitchen that’s smaller than my closet. Price wise, it’s quite reasonable at around £9-10/burger and beer for about £4.

Food: ★★★ Service: ★★★ Atmosphere: ★★★☆☆ Value: ★★★ Overall: ★★★

Meeting friends?

You can grab a beer and chill outside or head down a couple box fronts to Cottons Rhum Shack for some tropical tasty rum drinks. If that doesn’t suit or the weather is a bit too cold, Brewdog Shoreditch is a minute or two away and an excellent place to while away the time as you gather your crew.

Alright, burger time!

Our group of four opted for a couple of Fat Gringos and a couple of the monthly specials. The Fat Gringo is essentially a cheeseburger topped with candied bacon and jalapeno mustard. Not a bad try but the bacon could have been a bit crispier and sweeter – perhaps I’m a bit harsh but anytime I see candy bacon I think of Mother Flipper’s excellent Bacon Candy Flipper which has set the standard pretty high.

Walker Special burger

Walker Special burger

The special, called Walker’s chilli Burger, was a hefty cheeseburger with honey and bourbon pickled jalapenos and a slightly sweet red chilli con carne. I was hoping for more heat but overall it was a tasty burger with the medium rare patty showing a good layer of pink juicy meat. I tried to enquire as to the type of cut used in the patty but was met with a blank stare. Not a dealbreaker for me but I do like it when the restaurant knows what goes into its food.

A cross-bite of the Special burger

A cross-bite of the Special burger

The bun was spot of with a touch of sweetness, soft fluffy texture, yet a robust enough construction that it absorbed the juices with ease. I’d guess a demi-brioche but whatever it was, it was good.

We grabbed some chips as a side to share (sadly they aren’t included with the burger) and they were quite good with a crispy exterior and floury interior. A bit salty, though, even with my high salt tolerance so not sure how most people will handle them.

Every good burger needs a good beer, right?

Yep, and the Green Daemon was a nice light pairing for it. I usually opt for the darker porters or stouts but since I was feeling a tad fragile from the weekend the lighter, hoppier Daemon was a perfect. It balanced out the sweetness of the chilli and bun while the hops built on the meaty foundation of the patty.

Green Daemon beer

Green Daemon beer

The rest of the beer list was bulked out by a good number of craft options and they have some tasty looking soft drinks too including a homemade lemonade and hibiscus ice tea.

Worth the dosh?

For a burger just under a tenner, it’s not a bad deal but I wish the chips came as part of it. Bukowski has some tough competition with MEATMission and Lucky Chip being fairly close by, but as an easy lunch from Bank I can see myself making the return trip once in a while.

Find Bukowski Grill here

Box Park Unit 61 (top level on the Shoreditch High St OG side)

4-6 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6GY

020 7033 6601


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