Review: Dip & Flip Revisited

I first made my way down to Dip & Flip just after it opened about a year ago and it seemed high time for a return visit. Check out my earlier thoughts here. The menu has grown a little bit to include a green chilli cheeseburger as well as a bacon cheeseburger plus I heard they’d tweaked the gravy from what was previously on offer. The layout was just as I remembered – fairly Spartan but yet surprisingly comfortable and the open play nature makes the most of the space. The staff are quick to greet you when you walk and perfectly manage the balance between being helpful and being invisible.

Food: ★★★ Service: ★★★ Atmosphere: ★★★☆☆ Value: ★★★ Overall: ★★★

Meeting friends?

Being just off Clapham Junction, there are quite a number of pubs to choose from but my personal pick is the Draft House on Northcote Road. It’s got a good selection of beers and is rarely too busy so it’s an easy option to sneak in a pint before dinner.

What to eat?

Dip & Flip remains a burger joint despite the inclusion of a melt on the menu. Since there were two newer burgers and I’d already sampled the signature on my first visit, I opted to combine them and got green chilli and bacon cheeseburger plus a side of fries.

Dip & Flip

The green chillies were essentially lightly grilled jalapenos and, while tasty, didn’t pack as much heat as I expected. Still, most people don’t walk in expecting a burger to burn their tongue off so perhaps that’s a good thing. The burger patty itself was grilled a nice medium rare which let the meat flavours shine through while rendering enough fat to be juicy rather than greasy. However, I did find it a bit on the salty side – and given my high salt tolerance that could be a problem for the average burger muncher.

I do enjoy a good bun and Dip & Flip’s effort is pretty solid as it’s soft with just a bit of chewiness and enough endurance to go all the way. Well almost all the way but given the volume of juices coming off my burger I can’t really fault it from collapsing just prior to the last bite. It’s a messy burger, no doubt, but all the really good ones are.

Dip & Flip

Ah, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the bacon. Quite simply, it’s fantastically delicious and I reckon it’s the best bacon I’ve tried to date. I wonder if I can get some for my next fry up…

The side of fries was a pretty hefty portion and I only managed to polish off half the basket despite the fact that they’ve improved dramatically. Gone are the thin shoestrings that turn limp and rancid after 10 minutes and in their place a thicker cut that maintains a beautiful crisp skin while protecting the fluffy goodness inside. And to make it even better, the spicy chicken salt comes as standard which makes the fries and absolute win. Dip it in the thick gravy (or dip your entire burger) and it just gets even better.

How about a drink?

Here you’ve got a couple of options. You can go for your standard beers/wines/booze offerings, or get something from the decent selection of bourbons. Or knock it up a notch and get a milkshake (and add a slug of bourbon if you want) which is pretty much the best idea ever. I went with an oreo cookie milkshake and it was a thing of beauty. A thick, creamy US-style shake rather than the more watery ones you typically find in the UK, it was liberally mixed with crushed Oreos and very moreish.

Dip & Flip

If you fancy a beer though, they have a couple of local brews (the Battersea Rye in particular) that match quite well with the food so you can’t really go wrong.

Worth the dosh?

My meal of a green chilli cheese burger with bacon, fries, and a milkshake came to £15. It left me stuffed and very happy so, yes, it was worth it. I’d happily go back and, since it’s 15km along the river from my flat, it actually makes for some solid motivation to go for a long run with a burger reward at the end.

Find Dip & Flip here

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