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Review: Jones Family Project Sunday Roast

Now I’ve written about Jones Family Project (check out the review), but I was recently invited back to test out their new Sunday roast menu. I’ve had a number of roasts during my time here London, something I’m sure I share with most if not all of you, and the quality and quantity of food tends to vary. There is Battersea Music Hall which gets top marks on quality but the miserly quality means you need at least two to feel content and untold numbers of pubs which cook the meat to death but give you copious amounts of mash to stuff you to the gills. JFP is one of those rare options that serve up a quality roast and yet give you enough food to send you slowly sinking into a soporific daze aka a food coma.

What you need to know

  • Roasts come in beef, chicken, and nut roast and you can have them cooked to order
  • Chicken and nut roasts are under £15 while the beef is a tad more at £17.50
  • They also do a full range of coffees and cocktails if you fancy it
  • Reservations are helpful but not necessary at the moment unless in large groups
  • The gravy is abso-spiffing-lutely fantastic

Food: ★★★★☆ Service: ★★★★★ Atmosphere: ★★★★☆ Value: ★★★★☆ Overall: ★★★★☆

Meeting friends?

Meet them at JFP! Or try the Old Blue Last down the road for a pint.

What to eat?

Well, we’re focussing on the roasts this time. I personally love a good beef roast and opted for exactly that. My buddy Alex did the same but we disagreed on how a beef roast should be cooked – luckily JFP will make it to your tastes so I got a bloody rare roast while he went for a more reserved medium.

Now, we’re not exactly the most refined of diners so we had a slew of starters to take the edge of our appetite. As I’ve said before, the thai red curry deep fried calamari is one of my favourites and we also tried the steak tartare (good but could do with touch more heat) and the potted crab (sweet and succulent with a light guac topping).

Jones Family Project Jones Family Project Jones Family Project

Then we saw our roasts which were simply massive.

Jones Family Project Roast

Every roast comes with the following in addition to your selected meat or nut roast: mashed potatoes, crispy roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables, roast root vegetables, an American style Yorkshire pudding called a popover, and a good lashing of gravy. Basically, Chef Cristiano thought about what people like in roasts and instead of picking a couple items just went with everything. And each item is done fantastically well from the crunchy potatoes roasted with a semolina crust to the sweet charred parsnip. But the gravy is where it really knocks your socks off and I could easily just eat that with some bread and be a happy man.

We also did try a range of desserts including Anna’s triple chocolate brownie (a must have), the deconstructed cheesecake (not my thing but Alex enjoyed it), a special winter fruits crumble that Shamrock devoured, and some French toast (average are more a sweet brunch item rather than a dessert).

Jones Family Project Roast Jones Family Project Roast Jones Family Project Roast Jones Family Project Roast

What about a drink?

I stuck with coffee and water but I’ve tried out most of the cocktail list and they do brunch-style cocktails in the bloody mary and bellini/mimosa range. The cocktails are good and the bar staff skilled enough to make a drink to order if nothing on the menu strikes your fancy. The coffee is pretty damn good – at least to my semi-snobbish palate – so you can’t really go wrong.

Worth the dosh?

At £17.50, the beef roast leans towards the higher end but is by no means the most expensive one I’ve had in London. But given the sheer quantity and the high quality, it’s definitely a good value proposition and one I’ll revisit the next time I need to organise a Sunday roast outing.

Find Jones Family Project here

78 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3JL

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