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Review: Smack Lobster

There have been a slew of lobster joints opening up in London with Fraq’s Lobster Shack joining Lobster Kitchen in a couple of weeks. But first I headed to Smack Lobster which is the newest spot from the guys behind Goodman and Burger & Lobster. Geared towards those dropping in for a casual bite rather than a full sit down meal, it’s simple in both menu and décor while maintaining a high quality of ingredients and the friendliest service you’ll find this side of Chicago.

What you need to know

  • The menu is limited to four lobster rolls and one whole lobster
  • Sodas are bottomless although the fountains are a tad tricky to use at first
  • Order at the counter, grab your food on the right, and then find yourself a seat
  • Prices are around £9 which is less than half of B&L but sides are extra

Food: ★★★★☆ Service: ★★★★☆ Atmosphere: ★★★☆☆ Value: ★★★★★ Overall: ★★★★☆

Meeting friends?

There is plenty of space in SL so you can find a cosy corner (assuming you find stools cosy) and hole up with a drink. Alternatively, you are right on Bond St so it should be fairly easy to find a pub or coffee shop to while away the time while waiting for a friend or ten.

What to eat?

Given the menu is quite simple, it’s surprisingly hard to decide on which roll you want. We opted to try the entertainingly named “Happy Ending” as well as the spicier “7 Samurai”. Both come with a buttery toasted brioche bun and a pretty reasonable serving of lobster. It’s enough to make you feel like you actually eaten some lobster meat compared to some other rolls I’ve had in the capital. And for £9 you were never going to get a full lobster worth of meat – more like a claw and half a tail.

Smack Lobster

Smack Lobster

The Happy Ending was rich and creamy with more in the way of bulky salad toppings. It’s moreish but filling with the butter and cream – one of those will fill you up more than it should. The 7 Samurai was streamlined and seasoned with a spicy chilli powder which gave it a little kick yet still allowed the flavours of the lobster to shine through.

Smack Lobster

We also grabbed a side of parmesan courgette fries – tasty and crispy but I’m not sure I got much parmesan flavour from them.

How about a drink?

The option of bottomless sodas was too good to pass up so obviously we went for that. I tried all three of the soda options – a slightly sweet ginger beer, a cloudy fizzy lemonade, and an organic cola. To be honest, they all have very similar tastes (perhaps the machine isn’t quite so good at keeping the syrups separate) and were characterising by a mild and slightly sweet flavour. The carbonation level is also weaker than your typical soda which just means you can toss back a couple of more glasses without getting bloated.

Worth the dosh?

For £9 a roll plus another £5 for courgette fries and a drink I found it to be a great value option to catch up with a friend in the middle of London. Compared to £20 for B&L, it’s a good way to get your hands on their lobster roll and the huge amount of space in SL means finding a table is pretty easy. I’ll definitely be back to try the other two rolls!

Find Smack Lobster here

Smack Lobster on Urbanspoon

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