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Review: The Joint Marylebone

The other day, I joined a hilarious group of fellow food bloggers to try out a new BBQ place in Marylebone called The Joint. As a disclaimer, I was a guest of Kapranos PR for the event. That being said, I would have happily paid for almost everything we tried out that night. The Joint is a relatively no frills spot with communal tables, exposed everything décor, and a short menu centred on meat. It would seem that they’ve stuck to the KISS method (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and I can confirm that it’s working for them.

The Joint Marylebone

What you need to know

  • The menu is built around meat but they do have a chargrilled vegetable option if that’s more your thing
  • Cocktails, while limited in variety, are pretty damn tasty and pair well with the food
  • The no-frills style means this is a place to pop in for a quick bite rather than linger over a drink
  • Prices are reasonable particularly given the huge portion sizes for the mains
  • The metal tubs in the center of the table are for trash – just shove everything in there to clean up!

Food: ★★★ Service: ★★★ Atmosphere: ★★☆☆ Value: ★★★ Overall: ★★★
Meeting friends?

The Joint does have a bar which you can help prop up but keep in mind the limited space will make it challenging to keep a space free for friends. There are plenty of places nearby to grab a cheeky pint with the Marylebone pub being one of my usual go-to haunts.

What to eat?

Despite the short menu, it can be quite hard to choose which main to try out. I copied Alex S and went with the BBQ pulled pork bun with extra candied bacon. An Asian bun (replaces the BBQ sauce and bacon with spring onion, ginger, and chilli) and a slow-cooked beef rib round out the menu although the menu online seems to indicate this has turned into a short rib burger. You’ve also got the standard sides for any BBQ spot (fries, onion rings, grilled corn on the cob, and a couple of riblets). If pork isn’t your thing, all buns can be ordered with shredded chicken as well and there is even a veggie option!

The Joint Marylebone

The pulled pork was excellent – tender juicy meat lightly shredded and served with a splash of sauce. You can add as much sauce as you desire from the bottles around the table – keep in mind one will have a bit of heat although the lack of labels makes it a bit of a guessing game as to which one it is. The brioche bun was soft, slightly sweet, and absorbed the juices and extra sauce admirably.

In general, the sides were decent with the onions rings being perfectly fried although I found the fries undercooked and largely tasteless. I think that a little bit of work is needed here – I’m not asking for triple cooked truffle chips, just something that doesn’t make me want to stop by McD’s first.

How about a drink?

I tried the Figgy Old Fashioned and the a spicy cocktail I want to say was called a Scotch Tommy. The old fashioned was well balanced and while I didn’t get much of a figgy flavour, it was a great starter to the meal. The Scotch Tommy was fantastic with a good amount of heat from the scotch bonnet and yet remained surprisingly refreshing. I know a couple of the other cocktails fell a bit flat – in particular one that tasted of lemon dishwater – but in general the group was happy with the drink menu.

The Joint Marylebone

Worth the dosh?

At full prices, you’d be able to get a bun and a side for just over a tenner and for about £20 including a cocktail. That’s not too bad given the central location and the large portion sizes. I definitely see this as a great place for a quick lunch or a pre-drinks bite.

Find The Joint here
The Joint on Urbanspoon

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