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Review: Bad Egg Boozy Brunch

The latest outing of the boozy brunch club took place at Bad Egg. As the name suggests, eggs feature prominently on the menu and luckily the chef is a step above just slapping eggs on everything. The bottomless brunch menu lets you choose three food items plus juices/soda/coffee for £22 and includes an option for unlimited cava, mimosas, or bloody marys which knocks the price up to £32.50.

Bad Egg Brunch

What you need to know:

  • Make a reservation particularly for groups larger than 4 as it’s a relatively small venue
  • Food is delicious but in small portions – it’s more tapas to nibble on than a filing brunch
  • Don’t get the pancake with just maple syrup – you end up with just some small (about 10 cm across) lonely pancake on a plate
  • The bottomless bit is limited to 2 hours although the definition of start time is debatable

Food: ★★★☆☆ Service: ★★☆☆ Atmosphere: ★★☆☆ Value: ★★★☆☆ Overall: ★★☆☆

Meeting friends?

The bar area is pretty small so you’ll want to arrange to rock up at the same time or find somewhere else to congregate. If you do manage to find a perch, the drink list has some interesting ideas with twists on your classic cocktails which are worth a punt.

What about this brunch?

The choice of three options is a nice touch as it gives you a chance to try out a variety of options even if your brunchmates aren’t in a sharing mood. That being said, the ability to have multiple plates is balanced out by the small size of each portion. The fiancée and I opted to get six dishes but largely each dish was no more than 1-2 bites a person.

A quick rundown on the items since we managed to get through most of the menu.

Bad Egg Brunch

Pulled pork, beans, & kimchi on toast – Possibly the most filling item on offer, the pork was tender and the kimchi was a tangy accompaniment.

Bad Egg Brunch

Chilaquiles – Essentially nachos with goat curd and a fried egg, this was one of the most popular dishes. But then again, who doesn’t like nachos?

Bad Egg Brunch

Korean Fried Rib Tips – This was my favourite. Little fatty nuggets of rib meat dipped in batter and deep fried then served with a sweet, sticky, and spicy Gochujang sauce.

Bad Egg Brunch

Sambal Telur – A crispy deep fried egg in a copious amount of spicy sambal sauce, this was tasty but cried out for some bread to mop the sauce up.

Bad Egg Brunch

Cheeseburger hash – Largely what it says on the tin. Crispy potatoes, a couple of bites of burger patty, and of course a rich fried egg. It was lacking the full on cheesiness of the burger but not a bad option.

Bad Egg Brunch

French Toast with fried chicken, banana, and maple syrup – This was a close second being the rib tips with every element being top notch. I could have easily had a couple more servings of this just for myself.

Bad Egg BrunchBad Egg Brunch

Desserts were actually pretty tasty with a salted caramel rice krispie treat sandwich and a sort of deconstructed s’more that was deliciously chocolately.

How about those bottomless boozes?

The cava was decent – nothing to blow your socks off but then again for just over £30 you can’t ask for that. The mimosas were half cava, half orange juice which is fine if you want to sip one over your meal but hardly effective if you’re trying to work up a buzz.

Bad Egg Brunch

Surprisingly, the bloody mary was superb and I strongly dislike tomato juice. The addition of the gochujang sauce gave it a bold spicy bite that really made the drink both refreshing and moreish. My only gripe is that if you are going to use celery as a garnish, get some of the fresh stuff as the limp sticks were a bit off putting.

And the service?

Reservations were made with ease and on a reasonably sunny day we rocked up for our 2pm booking. That’s when it all started to go a bit downhill as we were kept waiting for around 15 minutes for our table and then around 15 minutes before anyone decided to take our order. The first round of drinks finally arrived about 10 minutes although some were quickly sent back after we saw the dirty state of the glassware.

The other thing to keep in mind is when your two hour clock starts. We expected it to be from when we got our first drinks but it turned out that Bad Egg counts it from when you sit down which is a bit cheeky. They did give us one more round when we complained but that soured the experience somewhat.

Worth the dosh?

It’s a bit of a toss up. I enjoyed the food but definitely could have used some more. Given that there are a number of other boozy brunch spots in the £30-40pp price range, I think Bad Egg is going to have to step up its game to compete.

Find Bad Egg here
Square Meal

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